Tribe Hotel, Gigiri, Nairobi

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Wacera Cynthia

Good food, good value and amazing ambience, not to forget the service

Victor Kavangi

The place is beautiful, this is definitely one of Nairobi's best looking hotels and the location is just perfect. Food was great, not the best I've had but not shabby at all either. Relatively fair prices on the menu, but watch out, the water the very generously fill up your glass with is not complimentary. Stay safe, ask the waiter lol. All in all I absolutely loved this place. You gotta try the chicken btw!

Anonymous User

Service was excellent and the food was fantastic. Looking forward to visiting Jiko again.

Triza Shigoli

I visited the Jiko for NRW 2016... Where do I begin? The ambience was perfect, the service was great, and the food... oh, the food! The slow roasted chicken breast. BEST chicken I've ever had!!! There was a party of flavours in my mouth. Divine! And the crème brule... Lets just say I'm a convert. It's one of my now favourite desserts. And the jiko rula... LOVED it! Such a beautiful cream cocktail that dances on the tongue and goes down ever so smoothly. Yum! Can't wait to try more meals from the Jiko. This was by far my best NRW experience to date. :-)

B Shah

NRW2016 at Jiko at the Tribe

I am happy to say that my latest venture into NRW2016 was a resounding success. There were the inevitable service errors but on the whole, the entire experience was a delight. This is one of the few restaurants that has embraced the whole concept of NRW wholeheartedly. They have a completely separate menu, you don’t have to ask twice to receive it, and they even have special cocktails and wines just for this week It’s also one of the few restaurants that you don’t feel ripped off at, with reasonable sized portions and true value for money The Good The location and ambience for a start is amazing. Staff are extremely courteous and very well informed. The manager makes a special effort to walk around checking on diners, and the food was fabulous. I had the “surf and turf” starter and I have to honestly say their beef tartare was spot on, I haven’t had such good tartare in a long while. The salmon carpaccio was also delicious and beautifully presented. My main course of 7 hour braised lamb shank was delicious, perfectly cooked with a thick, rich sauce accompanying it and the caramelized gnocchi were fluffy, light and perfectly cooked. I loved the mustard sauce that accompanied the slow roasted chicken breast, and it was great to finally get a roasted chicken that was still moist and plump with crispy skin. Seared white fish was a good sized portion of fresh fish cooked beautifully The crème brulee was delicious with the perfect burnt sugar crack and a creamy light centre. The bad The only two things I can really find fault with were (1) The big time chocolate dessert was a disappointment and did not deliver on its promise of hot, cold, liquid, crumble. It almost tasted of a pudding made from powdered chocolate. And (2) service was slightly slack when they got really busy. Nowhere near as noticeable as I have had in some places and it was very quickly corrected The Ugly Honestly for me it was that the meal came to an end and that I only have one stomach The whole experience was a delight, great company and good wine made it even better. My hats off to Jiko for being one of the few places that truly gives its diners an experience worth remembering

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