Le Grenier à Pain

Ground Floor, Securex Building, Riverside Dr, Riverside, Nairobi

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Rose Washika

Where to start. Let's see. First, I need to let you know right off the bat that I do not believe that there is a way to redeem yourselves after my experience yesterday evening.

An especially exciting Friday evening out with my girlfriends, and by consensus we decide to have coffee/ tea and the pastries which we've heard so much about. Now for some of my girls, this was their first time here and we were looking forward to the experience.

Suffice it to say that things went south towards the end of our evening.

  1. One of your staff members fell short of shooing us off our table: She came over to our table and asks us if everything is satisfactory. We should have been pleased by this attention right? Oh but wait, no sooner had we responded to her than did she tell us "then can you pay your bill as the till is closing". Don't get me wrong, the issue is not that we were asked to pay, it is HOW we were asked to pay....like we were a free loading bother... Well excuse me for not slurping my hot tea and choking on my baguette so that I could slide out the door before your closing time! Unacceptable. Patronage is everything! Customer care is paramount. Unhappy customers=a failing business. Without customers you wouldn't have a business. If we didn't walk through your doors, you would go out of business.Customers are the back bone of every business. Train your staff or loose your clientele.

  2. I was served black tea when I had asked for chamomile. I brought this to our waiter's attention, and bless him, he did his best to explain that the chamomile served comes in tea bags from two different brands and that perhaps the distinct taste was because I had been served chamomile from one brand which tastes different from the brand I had been served during my last visit.

I gave the situation the benefit of a doubt so I decided to slowly finish my first cup and wait for the tea bag to steep longer before I poured my second cup. Many minutes later, I pour my second cup and guess what? Did you guess that I confirmed that I was served black tea? If you did, you are the proud winner of..you guessed it! Strong disappointment.

I need to add that my girlfriends also tried the tea and confirmed that it was black tea.

So I called back the server who handled the situation quite respectfully. He apologised for the mixed up, and after accepting his apology I asked to speak to the Manager.

Surprise! surprise! the manager happened to be the staff member who had come to collect payment from our table. You would be right if you guessed that she made the situation worse.

She did not come over to our table with the intention to hear me out, she came with the intention to justify and defend the mistake that had been made.

She didn't even come to speak to me first before determining how to handle the matter. She instead came over to our table with hot water and a sealed tea sachet and proceeded to show me what chamomile you serve, and asked me to steep the tea bag to see that it was the same one I had been served.

I of course told her that she would need to show me that the tea bag she had now brought was similar to the one that I had been initially served, which had by this time been taken away from the table. I told her that it was condescending to insinuate that perhaps I didn't know the difference between black tea and chamomile. That my friends had also tried the tea and confirmed it was black tea. That her attitude towards us was unacceptable and that she needed to show more concern and sincerity when dealing with customers.

She apologised, but I honestly told her that her apology was not accepted and that clearly our patronage was not welcome and that we would not be back.

You are free to run your business as you wish Le Grenier...but here's my two cents which you are free to take or leave. Your want of professional customer service will cost you heavily.

Magdalena Odhiambo

Lovely place. Very quiet and airy. The Quiche Lorraine was to die for, literally. If you are a burger lover then their juicy beef burger will satisfy your taste buds. Side salads are a good portion and quiet delicious. Can't wait to sample a full les salades plate

Cece Sagini

Beautiful Place, my second home from home. I love the Build your own croissant and the paris brest, the macarons, the burger... everything is amazing and at the same time affordable!!

Victor Peace

The place is amazing, the ambience, the people and DEFINITELY the FOOD. The pastries and brunch are to die for. This is my new forever joint :-)

Kushal Sanghrajka

Absolutely crap. Waited for ages for food. Complained about it to only have a waitress argue back with us. Ordered completely veg food, it all came with ham. Forgot to place order with the kitchen for a burger. Then got charged twice for the veg food and their cock-ups with the ham.

3 hours of my life completely wasted.

DO NOT BOTHER COMING HERE. All the hype is absolute BS!!!!

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