Yvonne Endo picks
Yvonne Endo

Yvonne Endo shares her fave Japanese/Pan Asian spots and ideal date night spots

Cosy indulgence
The owner Sonia is not only such a warm host, she has also done an amazing job with the interior by making the space feel cosy and romantic in the evenings - my boyfriend and I are suckers for beautiful interiors! Perfect for date night if you're not looking for something too private and looking to indulge in some of the best quality wines and food.
I'm a huge fan of sashimi and Furusato always hits the spot! Love the teppanyaki menu as well as when sharing a celebratory dinner with friends and family.
Japanese-Peruvian combo
I love the fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine which initially sounded like a far-fetched combination but it was actually the perfect match. Their ceviche and cocktails were amazing and on top of that their interior is tastefully done and complimented with a nice view of the city
Authentic Japanese food
I love that they offer authentic Japanese food, with some menu items that you wouldn't typically find in other local Japanese spots. What's also cool is that as far as I know, it's the only Japanese restaurant here that's owned by a Kenyan couple who have really mastered the art of Japanese culture and food.
Well Curated menu
If you're looking for a place that not only has tasty food but is also low key and quiet, this is the spot for you. Their menu is well curated - my boyfriend and I's personal fave is the ginger snapper with the cauliflower rice.