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Fridah Gumba

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Wrote a review on Masala Twist by Venom , Westlands 3 years ago

Masala Twist by Venom

Westlands › 9th Floor Victoria Plaza


9 reviews
First there was Edison's invention, a co...
Wrote a review on Chophouse ( Radisson Blu) , UpperHill 3 years ago

Chophouse ( Radisson Blu)

UpperHill › Radisson Blu Hotel, Elgon Rd

International Steaks

7 reviews
This was honestly the best dinner I have...
Wrote a review on Adega , Lavington 4 years ago


Lavington › Lavington Curve Mall


93 reviews
Dinner was a pleasant experience! The am...
Wrote a review on Wet Lounge , Westlands 4 years ago

Wet Lounge

Westlands › Royal Orchid Hotel


15 reviews
Everything there is classy. From the amb...
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