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Wrote a review on Mambo Italia Lavington , Lavington 2 years ago

Mambo Italia Lavington

Lavington › Lavington Curve Mall

Italian Pizza

40 reviews
Good is generally good but service is ty...
Wrote a review on Spring Valley Oven , Spring Valley 2 years ago

Spring Valley Oven

Spring Valley › Spring Valley Shopping Centre, Lower Kabete Rd


24 reviews
Beautiful and tranquil, could be another...
Wrote a review on Lemon Lounge , Spring Valley 2 years ago

Lemon Lounge

Spring Valley › Next to Spring Valley Police Station

Indian Other

4 reviews
located in a very secret location can be...
Wrote a review on Chowpaty Highpark , Parklands - Highridge 2 years ago

Chowpaty Highpark

Parklands - Highridge › 1st Floor, Highridge Shopping Center


2 reviews
Good Indian food at a relatively afforda...
Wrote a review on Haandi , Westlands 2 years ago


Westlands › The Mall


62 reviews
As I walked up to the poorly lit, non de...
Liked 0 0 's review on Tapas Cielo 2 years ago
Wrote a review on Tapas Cielo , Nyali 2 years ago

Tapas Cielo

Nyali › Nyali Centre, Links Rd


5 reviews
The ambience is artistic the waiters and...
Wrote a review on Venom Lounge , Westlands 2 years ago

Venom Lounge

Westlands › 9th Floor Victoria Plaza


1 review
Excellent place to go out in Nairobi. Us...
Wrote a review on Donuts World , Westlands 2 years ago

Donuts World

Westlands › Mpaka Rd


2 reviews
The place is so beautiful, spacious, wel...
Wrote a review on Subway Westlands , Westlands 2 years ago

Subway Westlands

Westlands › Amee Arcade, Parklands Rd

Subs & Sandwiches

2 reviews
Great place looking to hang out with bud...
Wrote a review on Nargis Restaurant , Westlands 2 years ago

Nargis Restaurant

Westlands › No. 20 School Lane


5 reviews
informal old world Nairobi vibe, Excelle...
Wrote a review on Domino's Pizza Westlands , Westlands 2 years ago

Domino's Pizza Westlands

Westlands › Fortis Towers, Woodvale Grove


24 reviews
I ordered the Pan pizza, but even then m...
Wrote a review on Furusato , Westlands 2 years ago


Westlands › Ring Road Parklands Rd

Japanese Seafood Sushi

85 reviews
Decent Sushi, good noodles. Only place I...
Wrote a review on Brew Bistro Roof Top , Westlands 2 years ago

Brew Bistro Roof Top

Westlands › Fortis Tower


29 reviews
Great food and usually some pretty good...
Wrote a review on Caramel Restaurant & Lounge , Westlands 2 years ago

Caramel Restaurant & Lounge

Westlands › ABC Place, Waiyaki Way


47 reviews
I went during the Nairobi Restaurant Wee...