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Eat App
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Online reservations

Commission free covers

Table management

Guest CRM

Marketing campaigns

Partnership network

Post-dining surveys


Review management

Fully customizable messsaging

Multi-platform support


POS integration

24/7 customer support

Frequently asked questions
How can Eat App benefit my restaurant, F&B group, or hotel?

Eat App offers an all-in-one dining solution, handling reservations, marketing, reviews, and payments to increase bookings, streamline operations, and enhance the guest experience.

What features does Eat App provide to increase reservations and profit?

Eat App empowers businesses with online bookings, commission-free reservations, automated venue management, guest retention tools, and targeted marketing for direct reservations.

What support does Eat App offer to businesses during setup and operation?

Eat App provides real-time support, available 24/7, to assist businesses in setting up shifts, connecting booking channels, importing guests and reservations, and ensuring a smooth operational experience.

Who are some of the notable hospitality brands using Eat App?

Eat App is trusted by renowned hospitality brands globally, including Kempinski Hotel and Resorts, Taj Hotel, Aoki Group, Emaar Hospitality, Four Seasons Hotel, and many others in over 70 countries.

What sets Eat App apart from other reservation systems?

Eat App is a comprehensive dining solution covering reservations, marketing, reviews, and payments. It includes built-in no-show prevention tools, optimizing restaurant seating and staff planning.

Can Eat App be accessed on different devices?

Eat App's versatility extends across iPhone, Android, web browsers, and iPad, providing users with seamless reservation and operational management capabilities across various platforms for enhanced flexibility.

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