Noni Muchiri Restaurant Picks
Noni Muchiri
Noni is a modern-day nomad who loves to explore the world, be it through music, travel or cuisine.

Noni mentions some of her fave spots to visit in Nairobi for different occasions and why!

Lunch spot
Amaani ya Juu is the perfect spot for lunch, especially when the sun is out. Sitting in the garden with one of their delicious house salad.. (pro tip: always go for the blue cheese)
For a craving
When I have a craving, I start with takeaway, because comfort lol! The ol' school BBQ ribs from Roco Mamas is a fave go to. The meat is so juicy but my favourite bit is how soft it is. The bones literally fall off as you eat.
Rocomamas Village Market
Rocomamas Villa...
Gigiri - Village Market
Best memories
This is where I take all my South African friends for their first dinner out whenever they're around. It's familiar territory. They have a really carefully selected wine list by the sommelier, Judy. They specialize in South African wine and I've had my favorite wine memories there. They make me fall in love with South African wine each time I'm there.