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Royal Orchid Hotel, Westlands, Nairobi

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Great service! I didnt try the food but enjoyed the ambience. Will definitely be back.

Leah Muriu

I was looking for a place to have dinner in Westlands when I decided to check the Wet Lounge out. The staff inside were welcoming and friendly. Those at the door were a tard bit aloof and not service oriented. The food was alright but nothing to write home about. The place was really noisy, maybe because of the large group that had reserved the place, meaning that we had to shout at each other over our meal. Would I go back there for dinner? I don't think so.

Ken Ouchi

I loved this place!!! The service was impeccable, the food was finger-licking, I was mostly impressed the white tomato soup. Kudos wet lounge for a brilliant job, will definitely be back

Behula Shah

I have been meaning to try out Wet Lounge after the seeing their NRW menu but couldn’t manage to find time to try it until this week. It’s definitely unique, with a variety of tasting meu’s – they have a 9 course, 5 course and 3 course which is the old NRW menu – and a separate bar-bites menu. There’s no real a la carte menu but for smaller appetites or for those looking for single dish only there is a flexibility from the staff in accommodating you which worked well for us as each diner in our little group had a different view on what they wanted to eat. The place is what I would consider a “fusion” restaurant although it doesn’t quite fit into that realm, I actually got the impression that there is a very experimental chef in the kitchen who is being allowed to indulge his whims. The Good Service and staff were great. From the moment we walked in, going on throughout our meal the hostess, manager, serving staff and all those around us were excellent, which really is a rarity these days. Food was another story. I loved my starter salad, it was a fabulous combination of rucola, strawberry, raisins and pine nuts with a delicious balsamic dressing. The salt and pepper prawns from the bar bites menu were also great, good sized portion with strong flavours and well-cooked prawns. The amuse bouche was a hit and miss, a crunchy subtly flavoured almond tikki followed by a slightly bitter white tomato soup. The curry leaf ugali with my lamb shanks was a delicious take on a local classic, and is definitely going to be added to my repertoire of side dishes. The lamb shanks themselves fell off the bone. Mexican Nachos were decent if slightly small in size The Bad Flavours were all over the place and sometimes missing completely. The trio of hors d’oeuvres was a definite miss. Overloaded on mayonnaise and the wrong bread base to define it as a canape. The lamb shanks, though perfectly cooked lacked seasoning and the potato mille feuille was undercooked. The chicken was definitely not seasoned enough and had no element of the flavours described in the menu and I would say on the overcooked side. Dessert was a miss, a take on a classic baba au rhum. The sponge cake was good and the little pipette of syrup is a great touch but there was not enough caramel in the ice cream and no flavour in what I assume was meant to be a panacotta but missing the correct wobble factor The Ugly I get the feeling the place wants to be a club more than a restaurant with OTT décor and focus on drinks and music and a lounge atmosphere. The colours are garish at best with lighting that really doesn’t fit in with a classic restaurant. The chef is IMHO being overly experimental and believe me this is by no means molecular gastronomy on any level It’s a place that’s better for drinks and a few nibbles in my opinion as opposed to a fine dining experience. I actually like the whole over the top aspect of it and the service was a definite plus, I wouldn’t mind going there to explore more of their wine list. Picking and choosing dishes (staying within safety zones) would probably result in a better gastronomic experience as well. 9k for the 9 course meal, 5k for the 5 course and 2.5 k for the 3 course.

Wendy Watta

This is the perfect spot to head out for a night out with friends, family or business associates. I opted for the Chef's table which goes for Ksh 9,000 for a 9 course meal. We started off with the amouse bouche; goat cheese and walnut samosa with watermelon and feta sandwich, and this set the tone for the night, introducing us to the chef’s approach to the art of cuisine. It tasted nothing like it looked, and this element of surprise was a clear theme throughout the experience. The white tomato soup (yes, you read that right) with popiah prawn was a sure crowd pleaser, as was the spinach and almond tikki. The latter was comprised of chickpea masala, a cold tamarind sorbet and a hot nylon sev, and the combination of flavours and temperatures was nothing short of genius. Oh, and 9 courses might sound like a lot, but walk in with an appetite and you’ll be surprised when it's finally time to leave.

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