Walkers Fast Food

Reinsurance Plaza, Aga khan Walk, CBD, Nairobi

Walkers Fast Food

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Golal Abu

I am not happy. You guys can do waaaaaay better. Waiters are old grumpy men, gathering in a group and gossiping like house maids in the plot, handling and delivering ordered food unprofessionally. Old grumpy man dumps the menu on your table and vanishes until you go hunt for him. Wait...are you running a business or elderly home? Huh! Most controversial thing is......charges for whichever gathering as long as papers are on the table. Who charges for meetings in an empty deserted place? First of all! If there were people waiting outside in a queue to get in....please do charge setting fee if that's the case. Makes more sense....but the place is deserted....why charge me for having a meeting there? And I am ordering!! You would have probably gotten more from my pocket in a duration of five to six hours meeting. After all the stunts you pull, you have the audacity to get the bill wrong!!!! Getting a new client costs you on average thrice it would to retain a customer. Pull up your socks Walkers!!!

Grace Mugo

At the heart of the CBD this place looks like a great place to de-stress right? Well, if you are willing and have the strength to compete for attention with the other customers, then you are in luck :D My first encounter was hilarious! I sat at the middle of the patio area for 30 minutes and there was no sign of a waiter/waitress to get my order so I continued browsing my phone. My colleague joined me and started waving for attention which took another 15 min. When we finally ordered, it took another 20 min to have a simple snack and fresh juice... My second encounter (out of my control) was when I was attending a friend's wedding committee meeting (talk about having the shoe on the other foot)...the service was equally slow :( (guess the grass is not always greener on the other side...huh). Their food is however okay but the menu is kinda weird with all the prices ending with the same number digit. "Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them." ~ Kevin Stirtz

Mwikali Kiio

Other than the fries basket, nothing else here is worth writing home about. Staff are not friendly, crockery and cutlery not exactly clean, shaky tables and uncomfortable chairs. Also gets really full in the evenings with tables taken over by legion wedding committee meetings (attended one and never went back).

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