The Bidwood Suites, Westlands, Nairobi

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Wainaina Kasyoka

The food was great, good for those who love spicy foods and those who want a private place with amazing ambiance

Vivian  Wachira

The ambiance was great and the cocktails were bloody fantastic. The food however, was just okay.

Samantha Kendi

I am a big fan of quaint little restaurants and this was no exception. Visited this place for NRW 2016. The service was excellent, the food pretty good. The cocktail I had was not good however. The desserts of brownie& frosted strawberry slice were my fave. Also loved their onion rings. Would recommend the place.

Nelius N

The staff are friendly and welcoming right from the gate. The food is very good. Special thanks to Mildred for the Super, Amazing and Delicious Boston Cream Pie (this is a must have) . We ordered an extra one, it was that good!!! Cons: I wish the staff had more information on the menu, everything had to be 'confirmed', even a simple cocktail. Definitely going back!

Anonymous User

Stayed for 20 minutes without being served is not good service. We eventually had to leave. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone

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