Umami (Concord Hotel)

The Concord Hotel & Suites, 31 Wangapala Rd, Parklands, Nairobi

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  Restaurant Operating Hours
Mon 11:00 – 15:00   18:00 – 06:00
Tue 11:00 – 15:00   18:00 – 06:00
Wed 11:00 – 15:00   18:00 – 06:00
Thu 11:00 – 15:00   18:00 – 06:00
Fri 11:00 – 15:00   18:00 – 06:00
Sat 11:00 – 15:00   18:00 – 06:00
Sun 11:00 – 15:00   18:00 – 06:00

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Hanif H

Extremely average dining experience. Food rating and comments below:

Tom Yum soups (2x Chicken and 1x Prawn) - chicken was mince in one soup! Barely any seafood in the other. Total rip off for KES 600 and above for these! 5/10

Lettuce wraps - bland chicken mince. Ordered extra lettuce leaves as there were barely enough and the waiter promptly forgot to replenish until 20 mins later when entrees were already served. And it was served without spoons or even plates! WTH! - 5/10

Chicken fried rice - was served without chicken!! WTH x2! Waiter apologised and took it back to be made afresh. This was a sign we were in a third rate restaurant already. Redone rice was bland, dry and lacklustre. Generous serving though - 5/10

Beef Sichuan - quite tasty although a tad sweet. Good serving - 7/10

Bi Bim Bap - saving grace of the night. Very tasty and the serving was enough for 2 people - 8/10

Spicy Crunchy Salmon roll - poorly made sushi with the rice totally overpowering barely detectable salmon (if there was any). Overly sweet and a total turn off. Did not finish as this was no way close to half decent sushi - 3/10

Service: Poorly trained, lethargic staff. Blame it on their training as they were otherwise quite friendly and aiming to please.

Overall a below average, overpriced hotel run restaurant. Avoid.

tm555 m

The epitome of ostentatious dining

The menu is as authentic as it gets, the food was delicious but the most impressive dishes were the maki sushis which were exceptionally delectable. The ingredients and the vegetables in the sushi rolls were fresh, crisp and crunchy and the rice was not cold, claggy, under-flavored and underwhelming as is often the case in the other restaurants in Nairobi. The food portions were ample, the service was great and the conscientious approach from the entire management staff truly made this a spectacular dining experience.

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