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Joanne  Sandra

Terrible Experience!- Never Got Any Foof- 16 Nov 2016

I arrived about 8:30pm and was joined by a friend a few minutes later. I was drinking the Dawa and I asked for some hot water but I had to ask 3waiters before it finally came. As for the food I ordered for Grilled Liver, mashed potatoes and Spinach and Dessert (Crepes with fruits and yoghurt). The waiter was quick to take the order but did not bother to ask if we needed any more drinks. 30minutes after ordering I called one of the waiters and asked him to check on my food. He never came back. I called a second waiter 10minutes later and asked him to check on my food. He too did not come back with feedback. My friend sent yet another waiter and at this point i was agitated so i walked to the counter and asked the lady in black. She went to check and came and told me that they had made the wrong order(steak) but they were going to redo it. This was now almost 50minutes since I ordered and so I just told them to forget the food and give me the dessert. The manager - Kamau came to speak to us and it at this point that we found out that the waiter who took my order did so and left work. He apologized and asked to reconfirm my dessert order. I pointed it out to him and he left for the kitchen. After another 15minutes I could barely wait anymore. On going downstairs the manager was actually in the kitchen trying to make the dessert as the chefs had all left and gone home. This was just too much and I just stormed out. I spent over 1 1/2hrs at the restaurant and did not get any food. Needless to say I cannot recommend it to anyone and will definitely not be going back either!

Valerie Lwile

I had the Risotto Ottomare and it was actually pretty good. Rich, filling ... I didn't finish my meal and trust me when I say that is such a rare occurrence. Service wasn't bad at all, maybe because it was Sunday evening. I was really apprehensive about that given all the reviews below. All in all not a bad first impression, but I'm also not sure if I'll be back. I don't know why but it just didn't stand out for me. Also, the menu is too extensive for me to be confident that the chef knows how to make each and every dish really well.

Anonymous User

At last I have found a place in the heart of the city that worth spending my money. Excellent especially for dinner. Quite romantic.

Anonymous User

Beware! The service absolutely sucks here! I normally don't write reviews but Gay Karoake and his team were so deplorably disrespectful that I had to warn others. While visiting Nairobi for work assignment, our team decided to stop in the restaurant for drinks and snacks before going to a dinner meeting. We were refused service because they do not like serving drinks only on the balcony. So we ordered pizza! Again refused because, pizza was not enough. It was later determined that the waitress was just not able to think for herself but it all stems from customer service training. What a horrible experience for first time visitors to the city! Find someplace else...Osterria is better Italian food and they'd age well trained staff.

Wanjiku Kuria

My food was delicious. I had the pan fried pork chops. The ice tea is too strong. They need to accept credit / debit cards or MPESA. I found the service to be good but it wasn't that busy.

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