Grove Bar & Restaurant

Executive Residency by Best Western. Corner of Riverside Drive and Riverside Grove, Riverside, Nairobi

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Mon 06:30 – 22:00
Tue 06:30 – 22:00
Wed 06:30 – 22:00
Thu 06:30 – 22:00
Fri 06:30 – 22:00
Sat 06:30 – 22:00
Sun 06:30 – 22:00

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Mercy Ojwang'-Kinyua

Went here for NRW 2018. Unfortunately, I am no longer holding my breath for NRW as the experience is getting worse each year. The food was terrible! We had the steak with mash potatoes and fish with mash peas. The food took over an hour to come, with the explanation that it took time as the steak had to be well done. It wasn't. It was rare, the mash potatoes were under-cooked. The fish was completely bland (no salt, pepper or aby seasoning was added) and the mash peas too salty. I ended up abandoning my meal after a few bites. The dessert was a strawberry cream cheese cake, which unfortunately was frozen and inedible. I ended up taking it away to eat at home, which was cool, as it was actually quite nice. The manager said to give her team another chance but this has not happened yet. I must say though, the service was excellent.

Imani J

Went here for NRW 2018. The experience was mixed.

The food was average. We had the chicken and the cannelini- they were both okay but not especially tasty. It was a windy day and we sat outside so some of the food was served cold. The dessert was nice.

The decor is quite basic, nothing exciting, but depending on which side one sits the view can be quite pretty.

The service was excellent- the staff were friendly and accommodated our requests including moving a table for us.

It was an okay experience but I wouldn't necessarily be keen on going back if there were other options.

Valentine Ntine

I was not sure that i couldn't get there by matatu but i did. From town take Killeton Matatu at Latema road and alight at Ugandan Embassy. The salad was amazing, the smoked Belgian salmon was my favorite and i really appreciated the subtle vinaigrette. For the main course i liked the mushroom in the creamy sauce. The cheese cake that i had for dessert had this sweetness that lingered in my taste buds for quite sometimes. Being a person who isn't a fan of cake, that was pretty good staff. They should do more about the interior decor, it was very plain. But i did appreciate the surrounding as observed from the rooftop at night. The service was fantastic. Overall i will give it 4.3

Wa Ng'ang'a


Location: You'll need a car to access the area. There's plenty of free parking space. Ambiance: Relaxing atmosphere.The open air deck gives okay views (I say okay because you'll only mostly see the tall concrete buildings). That said, I believe the view looks a lot better at night. Food: Simply amazing and full of flavor! I could taste the basil pesto in my chilled starter soup. It had a zing to it that made my taste buds come alive. The swiss potatoes + the stuffed chicken was oh so delish! The mille-feuille dessert was good too. For a hotel that has these amazing luxurious fully furnished apartments, I believe the furnishings and the decor in the restaurant can be a lot better. However as far as the food is concerned, i highly recommend!

Jerry Jesse

Simply put... Affordable, and its value for money... Food is simply out of this world... And it's close to home

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