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Ground Floor, Lavington - Valley Arcade, Nairobi

Thai Star

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Fatima Osman

I have to say first that my experience with Thai star was a virtual one, I ordered food via the jumia food delivery service so I can't really speak to ambience or service. BUT that's a plus because I feel any restaurant that manages to impress with their take out is worth a try in person, right?

The delivery time indicated is about 55 mins and my food arrived in pretty much that time so one point for time management. I was quite ravenous because I had been fasting and tore the paper bag open when behold, my food had arrived in play dough containers, the clear type (I've uploaded a picture of the culprit) which also happen to be, in my observation, the general preserve of movit jelly hair products! For all my hunger, I took a minute to ponder what awaited me therein, but I soldiered on.

I had ordered for the gong bao chicken and steamed rice, my logic being you can't go terribly wrong with diced cashew chicken and steamed rice, well not so friends and denizens, NOT SO! At this point I was determined to get over myself and give the food a chance to speak for itself, which it did...for 3 days! The steamed rice was a short and fat variety with that earthy ricey scent, not my favourite but edible. The chicken gong bao though, that was the star of the show! The first bite took me aback, the second made me question what I was doing, the third advised me to satiate my hunger with the bare minimum and pretend that meal didn't just happen to me. To date, I can't figure out whether that was really chicken, I had and still have VERY strong doubts as to what I ate. On the upside (if one looks strictly at value for money), those play dough containers pack about 3 portions, on the flip side, it requires an individual with singular strength of soul to partake of more than one. In the spirit of resilience (and thoroughness), I decided to have another go at it for dinner last night, after 2 bites, I tossed the stuff out! It turns out, I do not have the indomitable will to face Thai star ever again, virtually or in person!

Wambui  Ndungu

Ordered delivery from here over the Easter break and was extremely disappointed. Having eaten from there years ago i was surprised by the lack of flavor in the food. Ordered 3 meats and a vegetable curry in mild and mild might have been the mistake. The food was extremely bland for a Thai restaurant. And the portion sizes were too small considering the cuisine. A def future no no.

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