Tandoori Patio

The Pavilion, Westlands, Nairobi

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Anonymous User

I have been visiting The Tandoor Patio and it holds a permanent place in my heart ! The food is excellent and never fails to satisfy. Being a frequent customer, the staff recognizes me and is always on hand to offer their views on any particular dishes i may like. The chef tries to accommodate my requests for slight adaptations to their dishes! The staff is well dressed and always polite. The restaurant is very clean and all the facilities are immaculate. A sign of a well-run establishment; I recommend the restaurant to ALL..

Jaini Shah

We ended up here thinking it would be a quick meal option but were surprised at how busy the place got. Firstly, the food was varied from the usual selection you get at Indian restaurants. I really enjoyed the Paneer Achari and the Dum Aloo curry (off the menu) - both were unique and were pleasant on the tastebuds. The naans were soft, buttery and everything a good naan should be! The service was okay - the servers/waiters were friendly and as helpful as they could be, with the manager on hand to guide them, however the time between the dishes was long. Usually I wouldn't mind, but on this particular night, I was in a rush.

The ambience is fantastic - beautiful paintings. However, I do wish they would make a ramp so that as a wheelchair user, I can easily access the restaurant. Good value for money too!

B Shah

Tandoori Patio – Lower Kabete Road, at Oasis suites opposite Peponi Rd junction Another Indian restaurant but this one had a mix of good, bad and ugly. When restaurants have overly large menus they run into the risk of being jack of all trades and master of none, and with Indian restaurants this can translate into bland curries which all taste the same. There are definitely some things worth eating at Tandoori, and I would make a special effort to go there for some of the dishes that we tried The good – their tandoori (charcoal grilled) dishes are very good. We had an excellent Chicken kali mirch (black pepper) and their shish kebabs were amongst the better ones I have eaten. There chicken malai kebab were very tender and full of flavour. They have a very large vegetarian selection with dishes outside of what you normally get in restaurants here in Nairobi. The spinach patties with cheese and also the paneer patties were excellent. They also give an option of an assorted basket of naans at a very reasonable 600 Kshs, with a variety of all the different naan options. I really enjoyed their kheema, it is wetter than what I am used to but the flavours were very good. Portions are very good and pricing is reasonable. Staff are very courteous though a bit disorganised, they were overwhelmed but tried very hard to please, and the manager/owner was on hand to guide them through the service which is commendable. The bad – The curries had a sameness about them that suggested the same base was used to make them. There were very few strong discernible flavours and even those that were coconut based, tasted as though they were the same generic base as the rest just with coconut milk added. The fish Malabar (owners’ recommendation) was overcooked – it is an art to cook a fish curry without overcooking the delicate flesh of the fish, and the chicken vindaloo, though better than the chilli based versions you get in the UK was quite watery and lacked oomph. The cheese papadums were soggy, definitely not a recommendation and I found the rice slightly undercooked. On the whole the curry dishes were bland. The ugly – wines are very overpriced and they have a very limited list, but we couldn’t even opt to bring our own as their corkage charges are ridiculous. Initially dishes came out cold so you do need to emphasise you want the dishes served up as they are ready. Their lamb ribs are actually goat ribs and were far too chewy to enjoy.

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