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Tamambo Village Market

The Village Market, Gigiri, Nairobi

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Anderson Stephen Thiongo

Went there but could not use my yummy card as the manager had left early .though the food is good and their services are top notch. It's also a good place to hang out with friends

David Müller

Good food but the staff can be overwhelmed at times...

Eleen Nyandiwa

The restaurant has great ambience, great value for money ( portions were generous ) and friendly staff.

The drink service was good. The food took a while though but it came while hot. I had the Fillet of Tilapia with Lemon butter sauce. The fish was OK, the butter sauce was great. I generally enjoyed the experience at the restaurant.

The down side, we were a party of four and 3 of us had different fish dishes. The 3 of us had stomach upsets the following day. Coincidence?

All in all I would recommend the restaurant. I would go back again but will definitely stay far away from the fish dishes.


Good food and an airy ambiance makes for a usually pleasant dining experience here. I prefer to go during the day, as it is less crowded and hence service is faster and more attentive. Avoid the food court on the ground floor, where the food quality is inconsistant and seating is a challenge.

Tim Dagori Muiruri

I am a regular at the Tamambo in Karen and therefore couldn't help but compare the two. The service wasn't very good, the waiters were slow.

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