Sushi Soo

Kingara Road, Lavington, Nairobi

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Anonymous User

Honestly the place just smells... Opted to sit outside despite the cold. The inside was smoky and smelt of fried foods... It smelt just like Kenchic used to.. Only that u don't pay that much for Kenchic food... Work on it guys...

Mahul Shah

Sushi Soo – More like Sushi Boo

What a terrible experience. Four of us arrived at 9.30 pm on a Friday night to the new Sushi Soo on James Gichuru Road (between Gitanga Road and The Junction).

There was a gaggle of waiters to greet us, and one even asked if we had a reservation. The car park was quite full, but there were not many diners that we could see. Led upstairs, we were asked to choose a table, so we settled on a table for 4.

Menu’s were presented, and drink orders taken. We wanted white wine, and the menu was not too clear, so we asked the waiter what wines they had and he did not know. So we asked him to bring the bottles, which he did, and we chose one.

We had also ordered a Gin with some fresh squeezed lime juice. They brought a tea pot with hot water and sliced lemon after 10 minutes. When we said we wanted fresh lime juice, it took them more then 15 minutes to bring from the kitchen.

So not a great start – service was very ad hoc, even though we had 4 waiters serving us.

They brought Kimchi, and some other condiments. One was dried seaweed, but we did not know what the other two were, so asked, and the waiters did not know either. They serve this stuff day in and day out, but not know what it is, nor go to find out what it is.

Meanwhile we ordered food, while the drinks fiasco was going on. Sushi platter, chicken yakitori, gyoza dumplings, salmon sashimi, Udon noodles, fried rice and chicken teriyaki. Some were starters, others mains.

Food started coming out ad hoc. First the sashimi. Then the Udon Noodles. Then the Sushi platter, and so on. There was not enough room on the table, and food was getting cold. Our bottle of water had finished, and when we asked for a new one, were told the bar had been closed.

As we were eating – the food was not bad. Sushi/Sashimi was excellent, the rest – blah, the waiter came with our bill. The cashier wanted to leave. It was 10.30 pm on a Friday night. We refused to pay the bill while eating, and the cashier then started turning off the lights. We asked to see the manager, and were told he had gone.

Now the waiter is standing a few meters behind us, and is coughing. Where did this fit come from?

We were not done eating, but felt very put off by such behavior, so paid the bill in exact denomination, and left.

What unprofessional behavior from a restaurant.

Never again Sushi Poo!!!!


The food here is delicious, the service attentive, and the ambiance almost perfect - the raised view of the leafy neighborhood is nice but the traffic noise outside ruins the experience. Nonetheless, the owners must be commended for providing Nairobians with a fun Korean BBQ experience. The Japanese dishes are good, also.

Michelle Slater

I absolutely loved Sushi Soo. I had heard so much about it and never gone (shame on me, I know). I have to highlight the service! It was THAT good...I can hardly explain how impressed I was. Our waiter was easily the most informed waiter I've encountered in a while! He knew the menu back to front, smiled as he watched us happily tuck into our selection of sushi and pork belly (which we seared ourselves on their awesome hotplates) and quite simply elevated my Sushi Soo experience!

Great variety, great value. And while it may not be the most delicate sushi it's still delicious. Oh, and they have a super helpful menu full of pictures to help you order with ease!

Seina Naimasiah

Sushisoo is a site to behold!!!! has a great private set up and the staff is lovely. I had the ume platter that was brought to me in ample time. it was really really good! and for the pricing, there was nothing not to love!! I am definitely making a trip back to the house of sushi!!!

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