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Uchumi Hyper, Ngong Rd, Nairobi

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Jeff Kip

There was a time when Steers had great food. 2017 is clearly not that time. I ate at the Ngong Road (Uchumi) branch.

The fries are incredibly sad - the are dry and crusty, like they've been re-fried over and again. The burger patty tastes boiled and barely has the characteristic light char of a flame grill; the burger buns are average - nothing special at all.

1 Star because the BBQ Sauce still is nice.

I think that the burger and french-fry photos on the advertisements are exceedingly false representations of the actual product. Would not recommend.

Qyto Kibuthia

Very slow delivery, food isn't what it used to be! Should be closed or revamped

Rasmus Andreasson

Fast food is fairly similar in most countries and restaurants, I had my food made quickly and a nice waiter, the meal overall tho was pretty bad, didn't taste like much and smaller than I imaged.

Gebre Samuel

I don't know what happened? Steers has really lost it with the quality of the food, sometimes even having almost stale burgers and fries.

Macy Kiteme

I ordered from here last week 7th July and I was assured that my meal would arrive in 45 minutes to an hour (max). Two hours of starving and 4 unhelpful phone calls to your staff later, and nothing. I had to cancel the entire order despite having received a confirmation. Am very disappointed considering I do like the burgers. They said the manager would call to explain what had happened...but no one called.

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