Spring Valley Oven

Spring Valley Shopping Centre, Lower Kabete Rd, Spring Valley, Nairobi

Spring Valley Oven

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Located in the leafy suburbs of Spring Valley, this restaurant serves as a great place to catch your morning coffee or lunch with your mates whilst enjoying the flavorful ambiance.

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Reviews (11) Recent Popular

Morams Ru

The service was terrible ..... We came in on Monday for lunch,the waiter took our order, ended her shift and left without placing the order. After waiting for 40 mins and asking for our food then we came to realize the food wasn't coming.Time wasted

Caytee omollo

barbecue chicken and bacon pizza anytime. so juicy it hurts my tastebuds

Seina Naimasiah

Just got a to-go caramel macchiatto and it is delishh,..the caramel syrup works wonders. Try it out next time you are around spring valley

Anonymous User

Delicious food, which is usually well prepared and good value for money. Terrible service though. The staff don't seem to know the menu (don't know the difference between a chocolate chip cookie and a nut cookie which could be bad news for someone with nut allergies), are very unfriendly and ignore phone calls. Wish the restaurant was on Hello Food or something like that so I could order the delicious food (kudos to the chefs) without having to deal with the front office staff.

Anonymous User

For the love of God, please inform spring valley oven chef that making the pizza crust black does not add any value or taste to pizza... .. bought hawaii pizaa n it was hortible, the ham bites were literally 5 of them... style up guys...or higher another chef...yak...n even slicing the pizza equally is it that hard???? Do you need to go to havard school of pizza to know how to slice equal slices???

Anonymous User

I'm sitting here right now.. been waiting for someone to take my order for almost 15 minutes. Please send a waiter out when you read this Spring Valley Oven. Or I can put my order up as a comment here, seems like it might be quicker... Btw the pizza smells good which doesn't help my situation..

Anonymous User

The pies are spoilt!!! Croissants are stale!! They cannot serve bad food to people. This is totally wrong!

Anonymous User

love their food, their service and the ambiance. a place i would definitely recommend.

Punam Shah

The food was ok. Also the breakfast not impressive at all. Horrible service.

Anonymous User

very nice place,the pizza wasn't to its standard as usual,may be you have changed the chef with a lousy service from the wait staff more training needed.J.P.PATEL