Som Tam Thai

Bishan Plaza, Mpaka Rd, Westlands, Nairobi

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Tore W

This restaurant is a secret small heaven. I have been to Thai restaurants in about 30 countries, including a number in Thailand itself, so experiencing the best Tom Yam soup ever in such a small and simple eatery was a huge surprise. I have not tasted their main courses yet because their soups are so filling that I have never reached further. The Chicken Rice Soup and the Tom Yam soups, both with and without coconut milk, are out of this world. I always wonder why I am almost always alone there at lunch time. It's a basic restaurant, not a place you would spend a long evening meal maybe. But very hygienic. You pay 800 shs for a huge portion of these soups. I have been to all the fancy Thai restaurants in Nairobi and I am always annoyed of those small portions of Tom Yam that they serve, at high prices. Som Tam Thai is a bargain!

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