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Dee Sangale

Soko restaurant was quite the surprise for me. I expected it to be all stuffy, but as soon as we walked in, we fell in love. The service was friendly and the place inviting. Our waiter chatted us up and advised us on what to eat. When the food arrived, the first thing that hit you was the portion. We were blown away by the succulent, slow roasted pork with two sauces that caused a symphony with every bite. I can tell you every single morsel was cleared from our plates. It was a little cold outside, but the warmers were on and with the wine, we felt like time stood still. I would definitely recommend everyone to try out Soko. I will be there, again, soon, very very soon.

Valerie Lwile

I went here on August 1st for my birthday dinner. Such a disappointment. Service was too too too slow. It took forever to get a drink, for the food to come. Management had to intervene for any progress to be made. I had the pork ribs and they left a lot to be desired. Absolutely nothing special. I didn't even finish my meal. We decided to move to the bar for some after dinner drinks. We were a group of 8 ladies, and no one bothered to create a table for us. We had to carry chairs for ourselves as the waiters stood idly by. Then the drinks took long to come, my friend had to speak to the supervisor before anyone served us. Worst off all, it was a surprise party. But my friend organizing the venue informed me that the restaurant was completely uncooperative with her. This place is THE WORST!! I will not be going back and I will not recommend it for anyone either.

Tim Dagori Muiruri

Absolutely loved Soko! The food was incredible and the ambience amazing. Our waiter- Francis was also very pleasant, he gave us 1st class service.

Hazel Kirigo

My husband and i went there for his birthday dinner on monday 26th which also happened to be during the NRW. We had a 7.30pm reservartion but we were late and by the time we got there our table had been given away. So we were asked to wait about 25minutes for a table to clear out at the Zing bar which was fine. The wait lasted 50minutes and we were about to leave when someone came to show us a table. We sat and then started to wait for starters 10mins later they showed up. Wasn't blown away by the food. And then the wait for the mains started and it took about 20mins!! Yet waiters kept sauntering past and any attempt to catch their eye failed!! Until Edoquin came to ask if we'd been served. She then brought our food in less than 5 mins! Id ordered from the NRW menu for the slow cooked pork was such a small piece (but tasty)i had to ask for a side of chips! My husband ordered from the ordinary menu and was happy with his dish of fish! Anyway my favourite part of the meal was dessert the white chocolate was amazing! And to top it Edoquin brought us complementary glasses of champagne to apologise for our long wait!!!

I want to give Edoquin 5stars! If it wasnt for her wonderful service this review would have been something else. Thank you Edoquin!

Christine Wangui

Lovely ambience, the food is exquisite...Will definately go back a dozen times :-)

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