Soi at Dusit D2

14 Riverside, Dusit D2 Hotel, Riverside, Nairobi

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Meaning street in Thai, SOI brings world renowned Thai street food with a modern twist to your plate. Such acclaimed cuisine and contemporary space never fails to impress. The focus is on small plates, perfect for sharing and pairing. SOI also features a communal table and an enclosed space with its own terrace for more privacy.

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Nkiro Kaburu

The food is amazing. I have never been disappointing. The service could do so much better but i love everything else. The ambiance is lovely and i love that its never quite full.

Nkiro Kaburu

The food is amazing. I have never been disappointing. The service could do so much better but i love everything else. The ambiance is lovely and i love that its never quite full.

Nkiro Kaburu

The food is amazing. I have never been disappointing. The service could do so much better but i love everything else. The ambiance is lovely and i love that its never quite full.

Mahul Shah

What a sorry excuse for a Thai restaurant. From overpriced food and drinks to service that is terribly slow, 5 of us went for dinner at 8.30 pm on a Thursday night.

As soon as we sat down,we ordered some duck spring rolls before we even looked at the menu, as we were starving. They took over 30 minutes to arrive, and whilst the filling was nice, the case was like an Indian Chapatti. Had to ask three time for more plum sauce.

We wanted to order wine, but the first 4 choices were not available and we settled on a US$14 dollar bottle of wine that at Soi goes for just over US$90.

Pad Thai - what can I say? Two minute noodles with some fish sauce, and peanut butter.

Service was slow. In fact next to non existent. Food was crap.

Would never go back.

Deep Shah

We had booked a table for 4 and duly arrived at 2000hrs. The restaurant was barely full. The ambience is dull and dark and poorly lit. The ceiling is black in color. It was the perfect breeding ground for swarm of mosquitoes. We were shown our table and our shortly later we realized we were getting bitten by the mosquitoes. We looked around and most people in the restaurant had issues with them. We asked for a candle hoping they would go away. We also asked the waiter on what's going on. It's apparently due to the restaurant's close proximity to the Nairobi river and it's the hot season and hence mosquitoes are out. He stated they sprayed the place before dinner. Anyway we ordered our three starters. The waiter only brought in two. After we finished the two we asked for the 3rd one and they stated they forgot!

The portions are little and a bit pricey.

Nevertheless we ordered the mains and the food was spicy. The portions were okay. By this time more mosquitoes had gathered and were attacking us. We asked for the manager and it was stated they looking into it and it's due to the poorly lit ambience that the mosquitoes keep on coming. They have been fumigating the place but to no avail. We told the manager that it could be a health risk and the mosquitoes could be carriers of a known infectious diseases. The response - it's been worked on.

One of our friends visited the washroom and it was the same case with mosquitoes!

Overall the experience was bad, over priced food and we not visiting the place anytime soon.

Jacelyn  wangari

The ambiance is everything. Definitely loved the wine list. The food, I would say is not quite there yet

Wambui  Ndungu

Picked Soi for a family dinner since my parents hadn't been and having been a few times, i knew they'd enjoy it. Had the Soi sampler for starters which is a decent size for a party of 4 not getting too stuffed for the mains. Loved the Green papaya Salad. Ordered 4 curries, slow cooked beef short ribs, green curry (with red snapper and calamari), duck red curry (which had like 5 small pieces of duck) and slow cooked lamb shank with jasmine rice and sweet potato wedges. The green curry, sweet potatoes and short ribs are always winners with amazing flavors. However the duck curry was a disappointment as you could barely taste the duck and protein is always the star of any dish. Though the flavors of the dish were amazing we couldn't taste the meat. Also for Kshs.1950 the chicken wings in the starter had more meat than the duck in the curry. It is a rip off and my father, a meat lover was completely put off. Everything else was OK. The portion sizes for the curries are always decent so even took some takeaway and were too stuffed for dessert. The staff is always attentive and polite. Yet to be disappointed.

Esi Amonua Tabbicca

Service and ambiance is amazing. The food lacks the tastiness that Thai food usually has.

Valerie Lwile

I was here a while back. I can't remember everything I had, but I do remember it was delicious. What I remember having was the green curry with red snapper and calamari, with jasmine rice. All. Of. The. Noms!! It is safe to say that is the dish that started my love affair with curry and piqued my interest for Thai food. I will definitely be going back.

Kevin Doyle

Once bitten, Twice shy After a really bad experience at Soi last year, friends tried to convince me to give it another try because they have a new Thai chef since September, etc. So, I took the plunge. Lo and behold, it was WORSE than the first time! Upon walking into the restaurant, there wasn't a staff member to be we kind of wandered around looking for someone to seat us. Finally a waitress who showed up to wait on a table of customers saw us and then came over after a few minutes. Completely unprofessional. After being seated, a friend and I ordered two dishes to share: Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Grilled Prawns. The Chicken dish arrived and as we were dishing it out on our plates, I noticed the general lack of cashew nuts. So I asked my friend if there were any on his plate. Not one. So we examined the entire serving dish and there was not ONE cashew nut. Perhaps we got someone else's order? After summoning the waiter...not really an easy thing to do at Soi as they tend to hide out of sight and don't regularly. We sent the dish back to the kitchen, expecting them to bring back the proper dish of Chicken and Cashew Nuts. Meanwhile we turned our attention to the Grilled Prawn. As dishing them out, we both could detect a pretty fishy smell, so that wasn't good...but since we were hungry, we thought we would at least try them. Not even the exterior was crisp, but even more disconcerting was that the insides were under cooked! That usually does not bode well for the human digestive we sat trying to summon our waiter, any waiter, anyone really. I handed the dish to the waiter and asked to see the Manager. "The Manager is not on duty tonight, sir." Okay. May I see the Chef please? The waiter leaves. Another waiter comes out with our Chicken and Cashew dish. Finally. We're starving. We notice that the dish now has raw cashew nuts strewn on top of the dish. Surely there are cooked cashew nuts within the dish now, right? Wrong. Not one. Only the raw (and stale!) cashew nuts that were spread on top of the cooked chicken. Is this what Chicken and Cashew nuts looks like in Thailand? Nope. Not even on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. I thought Soi was about Thai street food? Not in the least bit, my friends. The Chef finally came out. It was not a Thai chef. He was Kenyan. I said hello and was friendly. I asked if the Thai chef was available. He was not. It was his off night. Okay, so is this how you generally serve Chicken with Cashew Nuts with NO cashews? "We are very sorry sir. I forgot the cashew nuts the first time." Okay, but normally aren't there cashew nuts IN the dish, not on top of the dish?, I asked. Ummmmm. No clear response. Okay. So what about the prawns, They were undercooked and that is very unhealthy, plus they smell fishy. "We are very sorry sir. We will get better." Well, I, for one, am not banking on them getting any better. Finally a Manager from the restaurant at Dusit came over and apologized profusely. It's okay, we said. It happens. As we tried to eat the chicken dish (sans cashew nuts), a higher level Manager from Dusit came over to see us and also apologize. He explained that the Thai chef was indeed out of town back in Thailand getting ideas for new dishes. He then offered our meal and drinks for free. I should have drank more! I don't think I will ever go back again. Don't try to sway me differently. The people who are making rave reviews about this place, I am convinced, DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAI FOOD! (Am I allowed to write a bad review after the profuse apologies and the free (although unappetizing) dinner?!