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Eritrean, Ethiopian, Indian
CBD, Nairobi
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Expert Reviews
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La Mesa Restaurant, newly opened at The Movenpick Hotel in Westlands, Nairobi is not, as one might think from the name, just a Spanish restaurant. No it’s actually a LATIN restaurant, serving up cuisine from Latin countries around the world, offering a range of dishes from the humble Nacho to the comforting croquetta. The Movenpick always surprises me when I walk in. From it’s red brick exterior, you wouldn’t guess the beauty that lies within, with it’s spacious rooms and opulent furnishings, it’s stunning views and well lit spaces. La Mesa is an extension of the style of the hotel. When you walk in, it doesn’t strike you as a typical Latin restaurant – there are no bold or garish colours adorning the walls, no loud music playing the classic “La Cucaracha” in deafening decibels, and not a sombrero in sight. No stereotypes as far as the eye can see here. Instead you’re treated to a pleasing combination of wood and muted colours, soft ambient music, the occasional football match when there’s something exciting on, and plush sofas to sink into after a fully satisfying meal.