Sanjha Chulha

Ole Dume Rd, Kilimani, Nairobi

Sanjha Chulha

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B Shah

Sanjha Chulha – Pakistani food Indian food in Nairobi seems to fall in one of three categories, posh restaurants with muted down spices, sports clubs or karoga centres or the barbeque/ tandoor places. Sanjha Chulha is all of these and none of them at the same time. Walking in one can get easily disheartened, the décor and ambiance are basic at best with the scent of sheesha wafting over you as soon as you enter and neon lighting blinking merrily away. However don’t let appearances fool you. The food here is definitely worth it. The place has some of the usual dishes you find at most Indian places, a range of tikka’s, kebab’s and curries, however what you really should try here are the Pakistani delicacies. Different in flavour to the north Indian Mughal offerings you get from places like Open House and Haandi. We had the mixed grill platter that was more than enough to serve as starters for 7 people. Very fresh flaky tandoori fish cubes, chicken malai tikka that melted in your mouth and 2 types of kebabs. Served alongside fresh green salad (not the usual wilted offerings you normally get) A must have for the discerning diner – mutton nehari and the bheja. Nehari is a long and slow cooked mutton curry (usually overnight) with very subtle spices. It is served up with a plate of freshly julienned ginger, green chillies, caramelised deep fried onions, coriander and lemon which you use to garnish the dish to your taste. The mutton was indescribable, so soft and the flavour infused every morsel. Bheja is cow brains, a creamy savory dish, delicately spiced so as not to overpower the delicate flavour of the brains. Both these dishes are very rich so I would suggest you by-pass the usual naan bread and opt to have roomali roti instead, a light as air alternate. We also had mutton and chicken biryani, cooked Pakistani style. Again, both delicious and well flavoured. We brought our own wine as their drinks list is a bit poor, but even with corkage, other drinks, enough food to have fed the table twice over and a takeaway portion of 2 curries the bill barely topped at 1700 per head. Definitely worth a visit

Anonymous User

The food there is amazing!If you love Indian/Pakistani food this is the place to be.

Anonymous User

The best Chicken biryani you can get in Nairobi. Best curries made to your tastes.

Cynthia Allan

A lovely [lace with really good food and good service

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