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Rocco Mama

Village Market, , Nairobi

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Hannah Wanjiku

This was a great place. i love their shakes and cheesy fries. The nachos too are awesome but i advice to eat them sooner lest they get soggy. Worth a visit

Rachel Kamau

Went with Family over the Easter holiday, stayed outdoors as it was already packed indoors. Had to wait for a while to be served. Found it unique you get to choose what you want on a paper menu having to indicate your name- saves you having to be wary of sticky menus touched by every customer who gets in. Chose the pork ribs which were an instant hit!!! They did not disappoint on the burgers. Bacon and Cheese was requested for twice by the same person. Food was amazing which covered for the fairly there service rendered. Definitely recommending the food, you will not be disappointed.Price is affordable and a good place to treat someone or hang out.

Keith Njiru

On a Sunday afternoon headed to Roco Mamas for lunch. The pork ribs exceeded my expectations and was very tasty to say the least. Theit milkshake ice-creams are ones to die for, really sweet and chillingly refreshing. The ambience is very captivating as well, highly recommend for first dates. Thanks Roco Mamas

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