Pekeshe Coffee House

Uchumi House, Agha Khan Walk, CBD, Nairobi

Pekeshe Coffee House

Restaurant Information

  Restaurant Operating Hours
Mon 07:00 – 20:30
Tue 07:00 – 20:30
Wed 07:00 – 20:30
Thu 07:00 – 20:30
Fri 07:00 – 20:30
Sat 07:00 – 20:30
Sun 07:00 – 20:30

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Grace Mugo

Well, trying new places comes with its "risks"...with a name like Pekeshe one would think that everything about this place is exotic and out of the ordinary. My tea was nothing like I have ever tasted before! It was plain and sour :( the sugar dish was not presentable and the sugar stuck to the dish like white on rice! The service was slow, ambiance was not good as it was overcrowded and musty. I would not recommend this as a meeting place despite its convenience. They should also try and renovate the lavatories because it was not very user friendly (seeing that both ladies and gents were 2 feet apart in the same open area!) Hoping that the one along Mama Ngina Street is better...

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