Osteria Del Chianti Gigiri

Casual Dining
Gigiri - Village Market, Nairobi
Nestled in the village market on the first floor, Osteria Gigiri is opulent and intimate in both decor and service with a lovely wine bar to match. Wine buffs can have the time of their lives at this quiet, clubby restaurant. Great food, great value, great wine list and fresh decor are what to expect and it doesn’t take long for the magic to begin. Moments after being seated you are handed warm Focaccia or Bruschetta. The food is a triumph that is ably accompanied by red or white wine. From a good value glass to a pricey bottle there’s a lot to toast to. The ambiance outside the terrace is romantic and ideal for those who want to unwind, wine and dine in a place of comfort. For those who prefer a more relaxed evening, there are grand spaces dedicated to making this a memorable night out. The menu unites to bring fresh, mouth-watering array of dishes from Italy to tease your palate. As well as having more wine on offer than you could comfortably work through in 3 lifetimes, the service is attentive and polite.