Olpul Steak House & Grill

Two Rivers Mall, Limuru Road, Nairobi

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Olpul steak house and grill brings to life the exotic "Nyama Choma" Kenyan culture in a modern 21st century setting. The meat presented is from the finest ranches in Kenya – Naivasha, Nanyuki and Kitengela – with options of freshly cut to 21 day aged meat set on the menu. All marinades are made from locally sourced spices, oils, and herbs to ensure that both the flavor and the texture of the steaks served are as delicious and authentic as the culture that inspired it.

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Kelvin Muriungi

Was there this week on Wednesday and I must say I was impressed. Despite the numerous bad reviews the restaurant has certainly improved. Food was excellent. Steaks at the right temperatures that were requested and dont let me start on the cocktails. I had a great experience and I do hope they continue with this momentum.


I read an article by Biko in the Business Daily and decided to patronize this establishment. I wish I'd read the reviews here first.

After late night shopping with my wife we arrived at around 9 pm. The place was relatively empty with only 2 other tables (6 and 2 patrons respectively) waiting for their orders. After we sat we we presented with the menu and for our starters we ordered the prawn tempura and chicken coconut soup.

Then the waitress disappeared. Poof. Gone. Never saw her again until we were leaving.

We waited for about 10 minutes sitting at the table twiddling our thumbs with no drinks and since we had not ordered for our main course, my wife decided to go to the bar and fetch the wine list then the fiasco began.

Every wine we asked for was not available. It was like a game of 21 questions. After the waitress went back and forth to the bar about 3 times, she admitted that none of the wines listed were available and they were thinking about changing the menu. Fed up my wife decided to go to the bar and select what was on offer. We finally settled on a Roodeberg red wine, whose label was half torn and dirty.

The starters arrived with a different waitress. The prawn tempura was a single strip of batter with very little prawn and the soup was lumpy like it was out of a packet and the chicken tasted burnt. The steak was okay but that was because its from Morendat and you can't mess it up, but the lamb chops were dry.

Finally if you want to use the washroom, be advised to use the ones in the mall (be prepared to walk) as there is a man trap bang in the middle of the ladies and the smell is unbelievable.

Ishmael Aghan

The service was okay. Their rump steak was well done to perfection. Food portions were as expected. I had a beef burger which was good and also got to sample their milkshakes which were excellent. Great ambiance with a nice outdoor view.

-Kim Kamau

Nice meals .. Ambience, friendly staff. .... Ask for Winnie, she'll serve you nicely

Nafisa Weni


Kiumi Waithaka

Everything was fantastic n the burger was inhaled in record time. Thank you Olpul family, defnately worth coming back.

Summaya Mohamed

For a steak house their meat is not tender at all, it was very dry. The service is very slow. You don't get what you pay for in portion sizes as compared to other steak houses

Moses Irungu

Total mess. First off the tables were not very stable. There were no napkins throughout the meal. They messed up the orders, heres how it went down. We ordered three ribeye steaks, one medium, one well done and one medium rare, a hamburger and a medium fillet steak. The Hamburger and the medium rare ribeye and the the medium ribeye were brought to the table in order, however the fillet and well done ribeye were the problem. The well done ribeye was brought as a medium rare ribeye and the medium fillet steak was brought as well done. We kindly requested them to take back the steaks and correct their mistake however shortly after they brought back the steak only to realize that the person who had requested for a medium fillet received the medium rare ribeye that was served to another person on the table and the other who ordered the well done ribeye was served the well done fillet, they basically switched the meats and thought we were foolish and ignorant to not realize. The manager was not apologetic and told us to wait for the order to be corrected a second time. They finally got the order right the third time. Total waste of time and money. Not worth your visit. The chairs weren't comfortable. Poorly trained staff. VERY! Disappointed in comparison to the expectations i had for Chef Patricks food.

Vera  Mitema

Just Horrible..

We were checking out Two Rivers Mall for the first time and decided to give this restaurant a try. The service was horrid from onset that we had a different waiter by the time we were leaving. I presume the initial waitress serving us was soo bad that she had to pull a disappearing act and left!

For the price we were paying (average 1.5k -2k) I expected good service. Some of the let downs

  1. We had to ask for a drinks menu (three times)
  2. They had no water. What restaurant serves no still water?
  3. Given that most of us were eating steak or ribs, its not rocket science to know one has to wash their hands...why should I beg for wash cloths?
  4. The empty salt shaker

On the positive side the food was ok albeit a 40 min wait. The male waiter handled us well - the female waitress needs training.

We are never going back