Ole Pizza

Ole Sereni Hotel, Mombasa Rd, Nairobi

Ole Pizza

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Mon 08:00 – 22:00
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irene swish

Where do i start, Bad service and their reception is cold and wanting. Takes away from their food as well.. Would'nt go back given another chance.

Coverl Van Sherl

Just finished eating the nyama choma pizza..it was tasty..I enjoyed

Barbara Wangu

Well, I decided to ask my friends to tag along for #pizzafest16. I haven't been to ole Sereni before so why the hell not. So we got there about 7.45 pm Friday evening and there was no parking. the guards stopped us and asked us to park on the side. OK . we got out and walked to restaurant. We got in and it was packed but not to capacity. So we met a nice gentleman who helped us look for a seats. before we could settle it was 8.30 pm as it had begun to rain. anyway so we sent the guy who helped us settle to get a waiter. We waited 15 min then sent yet another staff who said they weren't a waiter to get a waiter, waited 20 min still no one. the 3rd lady who passed and said she wasn't a waiter had to take our order, at that point we were fed up and would have none of that "let me get someone for you" hoax. so she unwillingly ( we could see the disinterest on her face) reached for a paper and pen. She took the order and left. by the time our pizzas came it was 9.30 pm, we ate because we were hungry not because we enjoyed them. I'm sure if we had had a different experience I would have enjoyed the pizzas.

Shiv Simani

Ill begin with the negative because thats all my fiancee and i experienced up till the food was served. we got to the restaurant and there was no one who welcomed us and offered us a table. we got to an empty table and had to stop a waiter and request them to set it up for us. we then were seated for another 10minutes before we had to stop yet another waiter to get us a menu. (drinks order hadn't even been taken yet 20min after our arrival). 5min later after enquiring about the pizza menu, they inform us that theres another pizza menu apart from the one given. we spent another 10min going through the new menu and finally gave our order. the pizza was excellent unlike the service we had received thus far. we were then asked to sign off on the pizza festival leaflet and not offered a pen till we asked for one...unbelievable. we were seated out on the terrace and had requested to be moved to a table inside when space opens up. tables opened up and we literally had to stop a waiter and ask to be moved...more like help us carry the drinks because we had our hands full carrying the rest of the stuff. when we were done we requested for 2 shots of tequila and the bill. we waited 5 minutes before another waiter came and asked for our order again (What? Why?) we waited 5min and noticed the shots were placed on the bar counter ready for pick up..(we were seated right across the bar) we watched as 5 different waiters ignored it and i finally decided to go pick them up myself. i then asked for the bill (AGAIN now 20 min later) and the manager. We were honestly going to walk out and let whoever is concerned with collecting our payment come after us because no one seemed to care. We expressed our disappointment at the complete lack of customer service to the gentleman in charge (manager). he apologised and tried to recover by extending a discount, his contacts and promising a good experience the next time we visit. Now who would want to go back to a restaurant after such an experience?? We go there at 8pm and unnecessarily left at 11pm. it not just one waiter or waitress with a problem, its the WHOLE TEAM! even if you are overwhelmed by number thats no excuse. if you have a sitting capacity of 100 but can only properly serve 20 then close the doors when you get 20 covers. Your food is great...accompany it with great service and you'll have full tables all day every day. #olesereni #olepizza #pizzafestke #pizzafest16

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