News Cafe Sarit

Upper Ground Floor, Westlands - Sarit Center, Nairobi

News Cafe Sarit

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Mon 07:00 – 23:30
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Brian Rutere

Very slow service & food did not live up to standards nor cost

Valerie Lwile

My first experience with News Cafe left a lot to be desired. I went there on Christmas Day for lunch with 3 of my cousins. They had refused to let 2 of us in at first as they said they were closing. We asked if we could wait for the rest of the party inside as we figure out where to go next. At first this option was refused, but later they relented and let us in. We get in, we find the rest of the party inside with a drink. They, however refused us 2 who just arrived to order a drink as the bar was closing. Then they came around and said we can order a drink. Then they recanted their statement again. Then they agreed ... Man I would have gotten high from the dizzying back and forth. After talking to yet another waiter, and complaining that the only reason we were there in the first place is because one of my cousins had called the day before to make a reservation and they confirmed to us that they would be open on Christmas Day. So after aaaaall that, we finally got our food and drinks. The meal was excellent, as was the cocktail we had. I went there the next day for dinner with my boyfriend and had a great experience. Which is good. My first experience threatened to ruin News Cafe for me. As my cousin incredulously asked "yaani you want to send us away without eating??!!!"

Barbara Wangu

What Valerie Lwile and Vanessa Gathony said................ however the food was amazing. I will definitely be going back

Michelle Siro

Prompt wait staff, though for me the ambiance is not as awesome as the Kilimani branch. The food and drinks are still awesome.

Vanessa Gathony

I was here on Christmas day. I had called ahead to confirm that they would be open all day and they said yes. However, Management apparently decided it was a slow day so they closed shop while we were inside waiting for the rest of our party. At least they eventually let them in, but refused us to order, drinks or food(we hadn't been told the kitchen was closed). After quite a bit of back and forth they finally agreed to serve us. The food was! And the Big Bang, I can still taste it. Then we were chased.... I get they wanted to go home but it was disappointing hospitality wise.

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