News Cafe Kilimani

Adlife Plaza, Kilimani, Nairobi

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It's All About The Vibe

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Collins Ojenge

Food was excellent but the service left a lot to be desired. It was not packed at all but took a pretty long time for us to be served.

Gee Gee

Love the place, I think I'm your no 1 fun. Good job guys

Janet Nyawira

Great ambience and has some of the best cocktails in town!

Maryanne Nduku

An all time favorite especially for the drinks ( best?Big bang LOL) and fun, chill ambiance! I can't just pass by:) The prices are definitely worth it.

Valentine Ataro

Favourite joint in Nairobi hands down. Amazing cocktails and food at a fair price.

Allan Lwala

The cocktails left me with cocktails.N I loved the burgers. View at the balcony was also good.

Bianca Dorah

Overall rating:3/5

Location:Adlife plaza,Kilimani.

Service delivery:Meeh.....too much delays on delivery.

Price:Well it is 3.5/5

Their cocktails are life though

Loraine Kibagendi

This was my first time at news café restaurant, the scene is beyond beautiful both inside and outside. The staff were great and really kind. I had the Cajun chicken, it was quite filling wasn't able to finish the second half. By far the best wrap I had ever had and definitely worth it. Thank you News Café.

Dan Kasesh

I really enjoyed the breakfast offer before 10. Great breakfast and good quantity. Would recommend anyone to go there.

Patricia Chuani

Took my best friend for birthday dinner last night. Awful experience. First the waitress at 8.30 pm advises us they have ran out chicken. That's half the items on the menu automatically unavailable. We asked for her beef in the burger to be 'Rare' it came well done, They have no dessert, apparently the "oven had broken down". Don't know where basic ice cream fits in all this. The tip was the horrid female washrooms which one loo had flooded the washrooms, dustbin over flowing with tissue. Dirty sinks. The working loo had a leaking ceiling. Just awful.