Casual Dining
Westlands, Nairobi
Nargis restaurant is much more than a restaurant, it is an institution. Many will recall with nostalgia the mirrored walls and quaintness of night dining in Nairobi’s River Road where it first began soon after independence. Started by a professional chef who learned his skills in the UK, today Nargis has branches in Industrial Area and Westlands and continues to offer the House Specialty - the best Chicken Tikka in Africa. This is credited to the ‘Secret Sauce’ of which the recipe has been passed from father to son unchanged and is used in the marinades. There are also several vegetarian and non-vegetarian options of the Mughals cuisine that one should be sure to try including the Mushkakis, Biriyanis, Paneer Tikka and Masala Chips. Nargis is easy to find and the food comes quick and hot and the decor is colourful, clean and simple.