Mambo Italia Lavington

Lavington Curve Mall, Lavington, Nairobi

Mambo Italia Lavington

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Chilna Shah

Went to Mambo Italia on Sunday. The service was really good. We were served immediately and our server was very friendly and got the entire order correct.

The garlic bread was a little disappointing as you could not taste much garlic. The vegetarians in our group were slightly disappointed. The garlic lover pizza was not to the same standard as it has been previously. There were more of the big chunky vegetables and very little of the caramelized garlic. The cheese was not very stretchy either the way mozzarella cheese should be.

The non vegetarians enjoyed their meal. The place has a great ambience.

Nabil Janmohamed

Mambo Italia is simply exquisite, the chicken breast stuffed with cheese and roast potatoes with some fresh salad on the side is delightful.

The service is elegant, they attend to every need and the staff are ever so polite.

The ambiance is brilliant since the restaurant is on the rooftop it gives you a birds eye view of James Gichuru Road.

However the menu should have a variety of food, I feel the menu is restricted to pizzas and they have a unit dish of each steak and chicken which is disappointing.

Also they need to work on the promotion strategy as the barcode scanning of the receipt has failed to work on my side completely.

Wanjiku Koinange

The one pizza I had excited to have was taken off :( i.e the carnivore. It was ok otherwise.

Rebecca Kariru Muriuki

I have ordered pizza from Mambo Italia about 4 times now. The first two times we had their pizza, it was amazing, flavourful and the toppings were in the right proportion to the base. The last time I ordered a Zanzibari with extra caramelised onions. First of all they decided to put one topping per pizza piece, which I did not ask for. The extra onions were not enough given that i had paid extra for them, it was just disappointing. hopefully they will go back to what they were when they started...or maybe it's better to go to the restaurant than to order take-away...

Keziah Njoki

I loved the fast service and Lovely Ambience. Best Milkshakes in Nairobi.

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