Mama Rocks

The Alchemist Bar, Westlands, Nairobi

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Arnold Olunja

It was the burger fest and as usual i had no idea where to go but i had promised myself i shall create time and find a place to go to. When i sent my friend the passport for the fest he told me i have to try Mama Rocks, he has gone their twice or thrice and can confirm that they have the best burgers in town, not taking his word to be the gospel truth i decided to go to Mama rocks with him, we reached there some minutes to 3pm and it was like everyday had decided they want to have a taste of the mama rocks burger, the place had a queue. By the time we ordered the wait time was 1hr 20mins and they insisted on telling you before you make an order and asked if you were okay with that, for me that already told their service was perfect and burgers would even be better. I was waiting for their call to pick their burger, i kept on checking my watch wondering when the wait time would end> Finally i got that call that i was waiting for, i had ordered Sweet mother and Souq it to me. They were really delicious, i joined my friend in saying out of the places i have eaten burger, they have the best burger in town. Goodness gracious, you can feel the taste of every item on that burger.

Wambui  Ndungu

Tried it out for a late night dinner at 9pm. The parking situation threw me off, parking across the street made me question what extremes i was taking. The wait was unnecessarily long considering it was pretty empty on a Thursday night. But i must say the food was worth the 40 minute wait plus crossing the street. the Mango Masaai Burger is the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't even think i can even try another burger on their menu. The fries and plantains were awesome as was the mayo dip that i bought extra to take home. Can't wait to try the shakes soon. But other than the slow service the food is worth the wait.

Jeff Otengo

Wow!!! The burgers at mama rocks are worth the hype. I'm already planning to go back soon. Just to testify how amazing the burgers are , they ran out of burgers during burger festival week.

Nina Kosen

I went to the Kilimani location and my God the burgers were amazing!Juicy,bacon and cheese with every bite of my burger.The sauce,hallelujah!!!Sweet potato fries..amazeballs!!!!A bit pricey but soooo worth it.

Maurine Waweru

The burgers and fries are the anyday anytime preference...

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