La Salumeria

Back of Valley Arcade, Lavington - Valley Arcade, Nairobi

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Miyabi H

I have visited this restaurant with my friend around 15:30 for having tea and sweet if possible. When we visited there was no guest, was empty. Then we asked a guy who is setting a table he didn't welcome to us, didn't stop what he is doing for table then he just told us "WE don't serve you for only sweets and tea.Must have meal as lunch then serve sweets for you..."without sorry feelings... We have felt so unwelcome and he doesn't want us to serve or he sounds so snab/arrogant. Then also he told us like...I know this lady she has visited here before but I don't know you.... so what? Does it mean like he will not acccept new guest?? My friend has showed me this restaurant then can you imagine how the guest feel? We have mentioned to him about his behavior and arrogant. And we will never come to this restaurant and will not introduce to our friends. It was the lowest quality of services....

That guy he is wearing black glasses and short, also he told us he is a manager of this restaurant.He is not deserved to be a manager or serve to guests.

Anonymous User

Really don't know what the big deal is about this place... Small portions, expensive, but not worth it ..and waiters who are more keen on serving white customers... Perfect for mzungu not so much for us Kenyan folk

Nyasie Ngwiri

I have immensely enjoyed the pasta both times I have been there. The beef with mushrooms and cream is also really good. Best Tiramisu I have eaten has been here. Their chocolate mousse is also worth a try, not too many places in Nairobi serve a chocolate mousse worth writing about. Their gelato was quite disappointing though :( Giving the food 4 stars instead of 5 because of their gelato

Anonymous User

too expensive. the quality is medium-low. the waiters are very nice and the service acceptable but 4000 KSH for a starter and one pasta dish (overcooked!!!) is really tooooo much. again? I don't think so.


Had my first date with my yet-to-be wife here many years ago, and we go back from time to time. The ambiance is nice for a date, though the food could be better. Although the pasta is better than most other Italian restaurants in Nairobi, sometimes it could be better, which is to say that the quality is not consistant.

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