Koreana Chicken at Garden City

Garden City Mall, Thika Road, Nairobi

Koreana Chicken at Garden City

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  Restaurant Operating Hours
Mon 08:00 – 20:30
Tue 08:00 – 20:30
Wed 08:00 – 20:30
Thu 08:00 – 20:30
Fri 08:00 – 20:30
Sat 08:00 – 20:30
Sun 08:00 – 20:30

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Ruby Valentina

Lovely service,great chicken. But they could try and "fatten up" their fries! Lovely place overall.

Victor Wainaina

Let's say you're hungry. Not the mere "I could eat a whale" kinda hungry, I mean the "If I only wasn't a lazy bum I'd go out of my way to purge the earth of anything edible" kinda hungry. Well then, if in some miraculous way you find yourself in Garden City Mall along Thika Road, you should think about visiting this awesome chicken joint. "But there's KFC, there's Chicken Inn, there's Galitos, (Oh God I hope I'm not going to get sued for mentioning them by name) there're a million other chicken eateries out there, why shouldn't I go to them?" First of all, because nobody likes a smartass and you should just do as you're told, second, because I had me the damn best tasting chicken I've had in a long while. Ordered the honey-garlic chicken, my company had to buy a 10-foot pole just to keep me at bay (and to all the hogs out there I salute thee). The service too, was good. I always appreciate customer service who can take a bit of banter with a smile, or better yet, throw back some cool snide remarks (Note: I'm not even sure what 'snide' means, but I'm writing a review. I have to sound smart Goddammit!) My only gripe was the price. I remember feeling it was a bit pricey. I apologize for not being specific with the price-range, so if I can get that information I'll add it here. I'm not saying that when you order the chicken you expect it to be gold-flecked, but you sure as damn hell expect them to throw in a precious stone in that food bag, haha. It's good to give them a try though. Most will be coming back, I know I sure am. TL;DR: That chicken was fiiiiine, that chicken was mighty fine.

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