Java House Valley Arcade

Ground Floor, Lavington - Valley Arcade, Nairobi

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Mon 07:00 – 21:00
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Awais Kassim

Walked in at 8 p.m. was by no means understaffed but all the staff present seemed very uninterested, unenthusiastic and indifferent to all patrons, it seemed as if I had walked in past closing time and this attitude is very off putting to clients. Ordered the mushroom fillet steak, presentation was awful, seemed as if no one took any interest or effort in making the meal. The "garden salad" was one slice of tomato and half a slice of cucumber(not exaggerating). However I must say after complaining I was brought a nice portion of salad. I must say though the meal was definitely not worth the 1000KES I paid for. Lastly the toilets at valley arcade are disgustingly filthy and have the strong stench one would find in public toilets not to mention additional similarities namely lack of hand-washing soap. Overall bad experience would not revisit.

Anonymous User

It took 25 minutes for the waitress to bring one diet coke and a cappuccino! Awful service and rude staff!

Anonymous User

Words can't even describe how shocked I am. So it's going to 9 pm and I rush to the nearest Java to me which was of course the Valley Arcade one. I run in panting SNF politely requested if I could get a chicken and cheese sandwich for a friend of mine who recently underwent surgery as that is all they were craving for. Only to be told at 9:06 that sorry we close at 9 the kitchen staff have already sprayed some cleaning whatever's on the machine without even going to check or pleed with the chef yo see what he could do. I will never ever set foot at this java. Their lack of empathy in service really really really put me off! Puuuh!

Abby Oduol

Just had the chicken wings and a coffee here and the service was okay. I sat for 10 minutes before someone asked if I had been served, but after that they were reasonably attentive. The Java was understaffed that evening and staff had trouble remembering my order but did not bring me the wrong thing.

Cynthia Nyabola

really close to home, went there a few days ago and the lady remembered my order, (hadn't been there for a while) yes, people who drink triple espressos are hard to forget but it's still nice when she cares enough to comment on it, lol, i am down to cafe lattes and I still get my fix at java house,this branch in particular is my favorite ;) just the right amount of busy!

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