Hadassah Hotel, Ralph Bunche Rd, Kilimani, Nairobi

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Grace  Nyawira

Thanks to #NRW2016 I the chance to exclusively practice what I do best at a discounted rate. Hadassah happened to be one of the restaurants on the list so I übered to get me some new experience. The food was the highlight of the night but before I got it on my table, well, story for another day. Would I recommend this restaurant? Not sure anyone wants the best food in town yet the worst customer service. It all drags the experience back to zero.

Yoga Jr

I had the pleasure to check out Hadassah for dinner for #NRW2016. For starters i chose the Mushroom Temptation which was basically Mushroom on toast topped with spicy garlic and mayonnaise. I really liked it, it had this tasty and wow feel once it landed on my palate.

For Mains i went for the Grilled Molo Lamb Chops served with Garlic Mashed potatoes. The lamb chops was sumptuous but a little bit hard to cut through, i struggled with my fork and knife but all in all i found a way to cut through and eat it while at it.

For the dessert i was kind off in a catch 22 situation, firstly i and sugary stuff is a no no because sugar rush and secondly i have had troubles in the past trying to eat water melons too. Since i had no option of either i settled for the Assorted Fruit Cuts (pineapples, berries, paw paw and oranges), i must confess it was well done and it was the first time i ate water melon and it got past my throat without me feeling nauseous about it.

The ambience was good, well thought of and we were served food on time and the service was ok. Would i recommend Hadassah? Most definitely i will, it's a place worth checking out

Diana  Wangare

NRW2016 they need to improve on their service and their meals as well.

Michael Makori

I was there for #NRW2016 but I felt let down by the service. The basics like dressing the table with the appropriate seasoning, bread and butter for the starter (soup) left a lot to be desired. The food was good. The ambience was too quiet though.

Kelvin Jayanoris

I had #NRW2016 dinner at Hadassah the other night. I must say, I was quite impressed as I had known literally nothing about this place before Nairobi Restaurant Week.

I had the mushroom temptation starter and it was simply superb. Very tasty stuff and very well plated and presented.

For the main course I had Swahili chicken skewers with rice. When ordering, I was very hesitant as I had my eye on something else. Well, I'm glad I didn't go with anything else. The chicken was "juicy amazing" and the rice complemented it very well. As before the presentation and plating was very thoughtfully done.

My one complaint is that the service was sluggish and we had to wait quite a while for the meal, and the drinks. But perhaps this can be blamed on the fact that the place was absolutely full because of NRW.

All in all, I will be going back and recommend that you check out the place.

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