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1994 seems like a long time ago when we first experienced the thrill of being Gipsy... not expecting too much, but the thirst for a social venue in Westlands, Nairobi was truly inspirational. To say the least, it's been one big party ever since, and the bar culture in Nairobi would change forever. Three theme bars and a restaurant under one roof. Pick one that suits your mood and experience one of Nairobi's liveliest bars since 1994.

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Sun 12:00 – 12:00 AM
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    Sharleen Mbirua

    The first time I had the opportunity to go the place, I had a really fun time, the music was great, the atmosphere was great and I had a really good time. So about two weeks ago, I decided to bring my friends over hoping that they would have a good time as well but the lady at the entrance refused their entry on the basis that the place was too full. It makes sense considering it's a popular place. However, as we were waiting for our uber, we saw numerous people enter the bar that were of different ethnicities and i really began to wonder, so I went back to inquire as to why others are being allowed in. The lady at the entrance proceeded to inform us that my friends and I do not look like we can afford the place. Feeling extremely insulted, I contacted the manager who seemed not to be bothered by the obvious racist undertones of the employee. Does my blackness automatically eqaute to my wealth or lack there of? It is safe to say I will not be returning to gipsies and if this happens to anyone else, please take the necessary legal action, for such should not be allowed in a country with predominantly black people.

    Kayuney Yuneey

    Having heard so much about this place.. I had to visit. First visit.. I got lost on how many bars are in there.. After several drinks.. Am not sure I recall how many there were... I preferred the veranda anyway. So it starts very very slow and then BAM!! There is no place to step.. Meaning service goes from anything else m'am to where is the service guy and even the bar there is a que ... so you end up moving along..

    Punam Shah

    Gipsy is good any day of the week. Food is good. Weekends it gets quite busy.

    Madhur Ramrakha

    I've been going here since the 1970s though my last visit before last night was in 2003. While it's expanded tremendously and attracts a bustling crowd, the service remains terribly inconsistent. We ordered starters which took 40 minutes. Claims that the kitchen was busy were unfounded as the restaurant portion only had two other tables occupied and most others were drinking. We ordered starters at the bar as we normally do and then planned to go upstairs to the restaurant for the mains. The "fresh" sardines were being defrosted, thus the delay. When we complained, the manager was unaccommodating and argumentative, so much for customer service. The waitress was efficient only in making sure our bill followed us around. We dined in the main restaurant. My friends' steaks looked like shoe leather and the fries looked tired. My fish dish was unimpressive at best and the fries were awful. Their legendary big portions have been economised which is fine as the food was nothing special so I would have wasted it anyway. Won't be rushing back there anytime soon. Such a pity for my favourite bar food hangout since childhood.

    Darshani Haria

    Quite expensive but a fun bar, and really great food

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