Double Dragon

The Junction Mall, Ngong Rd, Nairobi

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Valerie Lwile

I was really excited to try this place out following a review I saw by a popular Kenyan food blogger. I, however, have chosen to believe that she visited the restaurant at the top floor and not the food court. Which is where I went. And was disappointed. Tiny ass portions that do not come cheap.

c m

a disappointing evening. the food is overpriced. had the kung pao chicken at ksh 1,080 and it was barely enough to feed one person, the cashew nuts sprinkled at the top were 4 or 5 broken pieces of cashew nut as opposed to the being a part of the dish. the fried garlic prawns were drowned in oil and garlic and at ksh 1.880 were a complete let down. the vegetable spring rolls were burned. had not been there in about 2 years and i will not be going back

Carolyne Magodo

The food was well sumptuous... you will enjoy it. The only issue was the cashier who seemed not to know how to run a Mastercard and we ended wasting about 10 minutes at the counter upon exit. Besides it's an okay place for Chinese.

Wambui Maina

Not bad, slightly overpriced but i dont understand why there was a random flower as the garnish. That was really weird

Wendy Watta

I have ordered dim sum from Double Dragon at the food court of the Junction Mall. Until recently, I had however never been to their restaurant at the top floor of mall, and like most people who head to Junction, hardly ever keep my activities beyond the ground floor. If you, like me, have been on the hunt for a good place to get authentic Chinese cuisine in Nairobi, you may want to sit up and take note. Dragons are said to symbolize good luck in the Chinese culture, hence the inspiration behind the restaurant’s name. The menu here splashes around in classic Chinese cuisine, with special attention to its Shanghainese roots and Northern specialities that are favourites of most Chinese expatriates and a growing number of locals in Kenya. There is nothing flamboyant about the menu; It is all straightforward Chinese stuff where each and every dish gets that elegant and special touch from chef Chen Songhao, one that always has you planning your next visit. It is a menu of simple edible Chinese pleasures done about as well as they could be in Kenya, given the different selection of local produce. The Manager Nina Zheng Ye mentioned that they do however import certain key ingredients that might be unavailable here and yet are vital to maintaining that authentic Chinese taste. To keep the dishes creative, Chef Songhao takes trips to Shanghai every two months to find out what’s new and stay inspired. My favourites off the menu included the whole steamed nile perch served in a myriad of sauces and spices, chicken in curry sauce,sweet and sour pork and vegetable fried rice. The braised pig’s foot in chilli sauce in claypot sounded interesting, but I wasn’t feeling very adventurous. Perhaps next time. The restaurant itself has been a passion project of Nina’s who has been at it for about a decade now. She actually did the interior decor herself, going to China for two months to hand select the exact pieces she wanted- right from the art and curtains to lanterns- and then shipping them here. Double Dragon has a fully stocked bar serving Chinese beers, wines, Japanese Sake and local beers and spirits, three large private rooms which customers in large groups can choose to use for free, both indoor seating and an outdoor terrace. Nina has such grand plans for the restaurant, including fantastic events and offers and a live band to attract more patrons. Next time you’re at The Junction Mall, be sure to head up to the fourth floor. Who just might get lucky.

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