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Dormans Village Market

The Village Market, Gigiri, Nairobi

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Mon 07:00 – 21:00
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Sun 07:00 – 21:00

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Angela Kihara

Dormans Village market is one of my favorite hide-away spots. It's nicely tucked away on theach Village Market's first floor wing. Away from all the activity at the food court, as compared to its past location, and still within reach. I love it especially for the salads and myfavorite drink which is the Nut Case. A carefully brewed combination of coffee-cappuccino, and cinnamon with just the right amount of hazelnut. i also love all those quotes thrown around the tidy little café. I am definitely looking forward to having the orange mocha!!

The nut case is Kshs. 20 for a single and Kshs.250 for a double.


Absolutely stunning interior. Its incredibly refreshing, with lots of space, a high ceiling and tons of natural light. They even have a lovely lounge area with a bookshelf and comfy sofas. Doormans VM is a treat for the eyes, with fun hangings saying things like "there is no X in espresso" and "I'm only here for the coffee". The message is clear. They're serious about their coffee. There are lots of these absolutely wonderful pictures of Kenyan trains too which add to the warmth of the cafe. The food there was great. Its the perfect place to go for a light lunch or a nice quiet chat with a friend, or just some down time by yourself. The service is great!! The staff are all very friendly and warm and helpful. The only thing is that its a little out of the way being tucked away in a corner in the new section of the Village Market, so you'd have to make an effort to find it. I'm absolutely loving Doormans' new makeover!

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