Colosseum Restaurant

West End Towers, Waiyaki Way, Westlands, Nairobi

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Welcome to Colosseum Coffee Bar named after the great Colosseo in Rome– an Italian themed Coffee Bar and Restaurant located in West End Towers, off Waiyaki Way. Founded by Kenyan-based but Italian born Alessio Spalazzi and his wife Carolyne Kanza Wavinya, our stylish contemporary designed restaurant makes for a perfect meeting point with friends, work colleagues looking for a treat after work, or simply for all family occasions. Authentic cuisine created on the premises by our Italian chef using only the finest and freshest ingredients makes us an ideal spot for having a satisfying meal any time of the day. Apart from having the best pizzas and sandwiches in town, our pastas, pastries and specially made coffees made by our in-house barista are a must try. Enjoy our extensive alcoholic beverage selection of South African, Chilean, Argentinean and Italian wines or let our bartender entice you with our delicious and signature cocktails. Settle for local beers offered at competitive prices. 

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Valerie Lwile

Do not go here for pizza fest. I repeat. Do not go here for pizza fest. I was there on Saturday with friends and the pizza was really really really bad. Like, the Pizza Inn near Hilton on terrific Tuesday kind of bad. If only I could post a pic of the sad excuse of a margherita pizza they brought us

Rael Alusa

The ambience is the cherry on top, pizza is nice & cheesy but not too amazing.

Jeff Kip

I ate at the 2 Rivers Branch.

I sampled four main meals. -The roast chicken was overcooked and dry. -The fillet steak portion was too small and drenched in sauce. It was chopped up into small pieces such that you couldn't tell what cut it was. -Even though pan dried, the red snapper fish had absolutely no char on it - looked boiled. The dish has no cohesion at all, it has potato slices, tomato slices and onions that impart little flavour in the food, if any. It's as if they were cooked separately. -The roast vegetables are huge chunks that look like they've been chopped with a lawnmower. Unedible and uninviting. They lack the characteristic char and taste of roasted vegetables. -The chicken breast looks good on the plate, it tastes plain and lacks even basic seasoning.

Most of the food is generally cooked in a very simple manner with little seasoning and barely any creativity in terms of marrying a variety of ingredients to enhance a main dish.

The french fries are nice. That's the only upside.

Eat somewhere else. There are far better Italian restaurants in Nairobi.

Victoria Njeru

I went for a milkshake on a Friday afternoon/evening. The place looks nice with a minimalist and clean finish. However,my partner and I were the only patrons- pretty unusual, I thought. The waitress was also very stiff and the staff kept stealing glances at us as though to suggest we were keeping them and they wanted to close down for the day. There were also no patries available except some very hard-looking croissants. Very disappointing.

Cynthia  Mudi

The food was okay, but the service was very disappointing.. I believe sequence of service is 15mins. Our food took like 50mins after we ordered.

Moraa Osoro

Had group birthday dinner at the restaurant, service was horrible. The drinks took over 30 mins, for a group of 12 people. The seafood options prawns, fish etc had a stale taste. The pasta was overcooked for Italian cuisine... SMH. I would not recommend it to anyone

Mumbi Ndung'u

had coffee with one of my gal friend and the coffee was good,service is ok

Luis Franceschi

The food was excellent, but the service was rather disappointing. We waited 45 minutes to get the starters and we had to keep on reminding waiters. None of them felt responsible for the table. A little distasteful detail happened at the end, when we asked the waiter to give us change for a note of Kshs 1000 so that we would leave a tip. She brought back two notes of Kshs 500. We left no tip.

Michelle Okeyo

I would definitely recommend it to my friends. Good service and food.

Manish Shah

The food was excellent. I haven't had this quality of Greek salad and Pepper steak in a very long time in Nairobi. Overall excellent food, service and ambience