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Pineapple & Chilli | Food Blog

The contemporary design attracting me towards its doors, and that wasn’t just from the outside CJ’s. Seeing just enough through the floor to ceiling glass windows and doors, I slowly blended into a rich mid-century interior decor.

Unfortunately, felt a bit squeezed as I decided which way was up. The hostess “Waitress” invited us in, not warmly, more like categorising you.

Ooops! If are two, you are not allowed to sit at a table set for four (all whose background are a mimicked oil painting of west facing side of Koinange Street)

Compact tables, tight spaces! Add that to over filled small plates and served with a force and knife. How do you move about? Every 7 minutes, someone drops silverware.

The Menu, non descriptive, I mean, you wouldn’t know what is vegetarian, dairy, soy or nut free.

The food, blunt if not dry or both. The chicken tenders pale looking dry. Onions rings soaked tooth too much batter. Grilled chicken over cooked and moist skin dye yo covering while hot. Symptoms of precooked and delivered food I.e there isn’t a kitchen on site.

Latte was okay, juice was uncrafty!

The quantity is a lot and their prices are affordable

Angela Omondi

Tried their jerk chicken which is on offer served with a side rice, some plantain and salad which was delectable and great value for money. For drinks, I had the peach lemonade which was a win.

Elizabeth Uimbia

I have a complaint am a huge fun of CJ and I have introduced most of my friends there. On Saturday I went for breakfast at CJ in town I ordered but was given wrong order they returned and brought the correct one, I was kinda satisfied. On Sunday I went to CJ Village Market I ordered and was given the wrong order I was shocked but decided let me try it so it was not returned. Now that was my biggest mistake I have the worst form of food poisoning since Sunday I have been battling with my stomach. Am so disappointed there must be something wrong in the kitchen. Please sort it. This is so wrong I have really suffered and even now my stomach still hurts

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