Carnivore Rd (Off Langata Rd), Langata, Nairobi

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The Carnivore is considered Kenya's Ultimate Beast of a Feast'. Whole joints of meat- legs of lamb and pork, rumps of beef spare ribs, sausages, chicken wings, skewered kidneys, even ostrich and crocodile and other tasty morsels are roasted in traditional maasai swords over a huge, spectacular charcoal pit that dominates the entrance of the restaurant.

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Lilian Mbula

I went for the meat. And there was meat. Loads of it. All types. I ate until I could not walk.

I took a Nigerian friend and we both enjoyed ourselves to the brim. Definitely going back.

Mara Dallas

Consistency at its best. Carnivore has a signature taste to its pizzas and platters and I absolutely love all the game meat served. The platters have gotten a little small and sometimes you may lack out on the quality of meet. One of my favourites, and they need to bring back the eskimo pie

Kwamboka Omwenga

Nyama choma, excellent cocktails ... now why wouldn't that be the perfect place to chill & get stuffed on succulent cuts on a Saturday evening?

Michelle Siro

I have been going here ever since i was a toddler. All i can say is Carnivore continues to deteriorate in service and food. It is not the once vibrant place it was where you could get the best nyama choma in town. It has downgraded to been just okay and mediocre. The meat is okay, nothing special anymore. They have lost their unique edge.

Alex Mureithi

Nyama nyama nyama.... cannot get enough of it there. Place to be

Nkiro Kaburu

Those Tamburgers... They will be the end of my waistline...And the cocktails... No complains here

Jess M

One of my all time favourite places for family meals. It has kept it's high standard of food and service over the years

Janet Nyawira

Friendly staff, can never have enough of the meat and especially the game meat. The ambience is great, quite relaxing and did i mention the DAWA---try it!

Makandi Muchiri

Carnivore. Clearly, the name gives away what you get from this place! Meat, meat and more meat! Just how I like it. I honestly can't count the number of times I've been there. The food is great, though the game meat is not always available. It's perfect for a group night out but it would be prudent to make a reservation as it can get full on weekends.

Carolyne Magodo

A great meat place with varieties... I enjoyed the carnivore experience the most where the waiters bring as much meat until you take down your flag. The staff are friendly and great ambience, there is a small flower garden for the nature lovers!