Artcaffe Village Market

The Village Market, Gigiri, Nairobi

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Elegant and simple style gives Caffe Brassiere at the Village Market a distinct class and an ability to transform itself for every occasion. It is the main bakery for all our cafes. The Brassiere has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and attentive service, catering to the international crowd it serves.

The quaint outdoor balcony looks onto green Gigiri treetops and is perfect for a morning champagne brunch or dinner with our live Jazz band…perhaps a white pear sangria with our roasted chicken main course. The elegant indoor seating with dimmed lights makes it one of the most romantic dinner spots in town. They also offer an additional “Happy Hour” menu from 4pm-7pm, spoiling you for choice.

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  • HappyHour
  • FullBar
  • Band
  • PaidParkingLot
  • SmokingArea
  • FreeWifi
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  • OutdoorSeating
  • Takeaway
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Reviews (13) Recent Popular

Tabbie Omingo

Loved the thin pizza crust, not much chicken in the spicy chicken pizza that we chose though. The Margherita pizza was perfect. Had beer and soda on the same offer which elevated the whole experience. Service was great! Try it!

Donna Asingo Asingo

It was a very nice restaurant, great food, great service

Winnie Akinyi

It's the best place services are good and has great ambiance for chilling with friends

Allan Lwala

I hardly liked the sandwiches, they were not all that. As usual, the smoothies were more than I expected. Well rounded flavours. Service was good and overall, it was a great experience.

0 0

Good classic food, including burgers, breakfast, pasta, Pizza, salads, soups, sandwiches and the like. Service can vary, but usually good assuming it is not during peak times. Best part is the bread, consistently good quality and affordable like other small bakeries. Considering they are all over Nairobi they easily have the best bread in Nairobi.

Jaini Shah

I love Artcaffe, though last night, the food was okay, but the service was mediocre. Things like home-made chilli took over 15 minutes to be brought, and it wasn't even as spicy as usual. Different quality in foods in different locations is bad for Artcaffe. Then, they ran out of hot chocolate on an early Saturday night. What even? The ambience and service was okay though.

Phina Omondi

The ambiance was amazing, the service was equally good and the food did not disappoint. Definitely going back

Ash A

food was great but not enough service providers on the floor and it took ages to get food.

Valerie Mwangi

I have had several meals here and very few have been disappointing (once I got the thai chicken salad and it had a foul smell). However, they need to improve on their services. It's hard to get a waiter to pay attention to you. All in all, the ambiance and food get's a 10/10 (and a higher score for their pastries!)

Kalika  Shah

yesterday my 2 nieces and I had a leisurely lunch there. The service was amazing. Food served all together and waiter service just brilliant. No complaints at all even though restaurant was full.