Burger Hut

Manohar Centre, Mpaka Rd, Westlands, Nairobi

Burger Hut

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Punam Shah

The best fast food burgers in Nairobi. This place has been around for many many years and the burgers still taste the same.

Camryn Jenks

The Burger Hut has absolutely amazing food, reasonably priced, and very good service!

Yvonne Gathoni

Best burger place ever!!! Great value for money and the portions are good

Soni Adriance

Have you ever eaten a burger and have your view on the world change? No? Well then you need to visit Burger Hut.

It's this hole-in-the-wall restaurant that would be easy to miss unless you know it's there. Tucked between Palms Casino and that weird betting shop in Westlands. It's down an hallway but there's a sign that lets you know you're in the right place.

I got the Bacon Cheese Burger and it was seriously amazing. I think it took me 15 minutes to devour, start to finish. I was definitely hungry but it just tasted SO good. The meat is well seasoned, theres some secret sauce that they put on all their burgers which is sweet and tangy, plus each burger bun comes divided into three - between the top third of the burger bun is your beef, bacon, and cheese, between the bottom third of the burger bun is shredded lettuce and tomatoes.

This joint has apparently been around for YEARS but yesterday was my first experience with it. It's well priced (I think my burger was ksh 570 and I was full well into the night) and a great spot to enjoy some delicious junk food.

Only thing I'd mention is that you may not want to look into the kitchen. It's a bit grimy but the food didn't make me sick so... That's good.

Rahul Shah

Delicious veg cheese burgers and value for money a must

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