Boba Tea

Thika Road Mall, Thika Road, Nairobi

Boba Tea

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Wats Eki

I am a lover of all things boba! Once I found out there was a place I could get some in Kenya, I just had to make it a priority. Located in the Thika Mall 2nd floor at a small kiosk stand right in front of the Chicken Inn. It's a little easy to miss, so just remember Chicken Inn. The girl looked like she didn't want to be there, but oh well, karibu Kenya. She didn't have tapioca balls, which are the black round chewy balls that are the most common with boba, so I opted for the popping ones, which were somehow sweet flavoured, and pop right into your mouth. I had the hazelnut tea, which is coffee based, and it was so yum. Honestly if you're not a tea fan, I would encourage you to still try it, because some of their flavours are more sweet, juice-like, while others are more milkshakey, coffee-ish. It's cold, so it's also refreshing.

Another Foodie

Very weird but interesting. The litchi is worth a try.

Tito Musungu

i didnt know tea could be so cool and funky like what i had experienced trying boba bubble tea but they did impress me :) . the way they mixed it i was amazed.

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