Big Square Garden City

Garden City Mall, Thika Road, Nairobi

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A casual dining restaurant serving locally sourced, SQUAREMADE burgers, fried chicken, BBQ ribs, beer, wine and delicious desserts and hand-spun shakes. Food so Good you'll have to Hose Yourself Down! It's not fast food; it’s Fresh Food. No Frozen Stuff or pre-packed food. Your food is made fresh when you order. A wide variety of products and a warm ambience ensures you can Relax and Enjoy Great Food in the company of both friends and family.

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Anonymous P

On 18th Nov,I came and we waited for our order to be taken for 30 minutes ,we thus opted to leave.We were ardent fans ..GREATLY DISSAPOINTED

Nimrod Kimutai

By far the best burger i have had so far! The service was good and quick. The waiter was very friendly and the milkshakes are just awesome. Will be back again and again

Esther Mureithi

I loved the pork ribs.... So heavenly. I had the mixed platter 1 and I must Say it was the best decision. We shared this meal two people and we were very satisfied... Plus we had the swap the fries for onion rings, we were so glad they could do that.

Plus I love how they are so generous with the sauce! Good job guys

Annastacia Nganga

Great food and service on 30/04/2017! I was in a rush and made it to eat and leave under an hour

Alex Mureithi

The burgers were yummy though waiters were a bit slacking. Cocktails were just right.

Eve Jeidene

What is it that i haven't taken here... :) simply the best. The ribs are to die for. The Pizza mojo as well great Pizza you got there, Crust done to perfection!!

Soila Nkoiboo

I love their pork ribs to death, great ambience and service as well .. delivery is done quite fast and packaged in order

Kubai Gachau

The ribs are really really good. I have not eaten at the restaurant but I have ordered online severally and apart from my first order, the rest have been wanting especially in regards to packing. The ketchup sachets have two times now been in the packet holding the ribs. This I find rather revolting.

Tito Musungu

The burgers surely made in heaven. The way they do it is just amazing. They are precise when it comes to time delivery and well packed.

Loraine Kibagendi

Big Square is all in all a great place, the food is great. Although the service we received wasn't was not the best. They's forget simple requests like getting a glass. But all in all the food was good, as well as pizza mojo. Hoping to go there again soon enough.