Asmara Westlands

General Mathenge Lane, Westlands, Nairobi

Asmara Westlands

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Doreen Mutheu

Had a surprise birthday party here. Service was great, food delicious and the ambiance amazing. Even better, their pricing is not too bad on the pocket. It looks modern and quite cozy at the same time. Loved it

Behula Shah

Asmara – Eritrean Restaurant – General Mathenge Road I am fond of Asmara and admit a bias to it having eaten there on numerous occasions, but am highlighting it on this particular trip because we had two die hard vegetarians with us, resulting in us ordering with them in mind. What really stood out for me at this particular meal was the service. Generally the staff are very good but on this occassion despite being very busy we received exceptional service, and a big kudos to Stella, our server who went out of her way to ensure we were comfortable. She started off by recommending a wine that we would enjoy with our meal, normally when someone pushes a wine at me in Kenya it is because they are trying to upsell but this time it was one of their most reasonably priced wines, just really good. Extra space was created to make way for the additional dishes ordered and they even brought over jiko’s (burning themselves in the process) because they noticed my mother tucking herself into her shawl. From a meal perspective we opted to do half Eritrean and half Italian. The Asa fish was delicious, flaky and cooked perfectly, subtly taking on the Eritrean spices. The boneless chicken was slightly on the dry side (the chicken not the sauce) but the shiro (chick peas) and the cheese and spinach were delicious. All were served up with fluffy brown and white injera, and their tangy chilli sauce. Portions were good and pricing reasonable. From the Italian side we started off with the bruschetta, really well made with marinated tomatoes in a rich pesto, garlic and black pepper base. Brick fired pizza’s rounded off our meal, with plenty of toppings and a thin crispy base. Their tiramisu looked very tempting but we were groaning with satiety and had to give it a pass. For a cold evening nothing can beat their masala tea or the Arabic coffee. All in all a thumbs up from me for value for money and service. They even have a children’s play area for day time ventures

Soni Adriance

I ordered a pizza from these guys during the early days on Nairobi Pizza Festival and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. Eritrea is known for it's Italian influence from times of colonization and Asmara is an Eritrean restaurant so it shouldn't be a surprise that Italian-style pizza is offered on their menu. I tried the fungi y parma pizza (mushroom and ham) and I've gotta say, it was pretty good! It's a simple red sauce, thin crust, where the shining ingredients are the fresh toppings. It's not going to appeal to someone craving a Domino's pizza, but if you're looking for a lighter version of a pizza, it's good.

When I went to order the pizza, I got takeaway and the waitstaff was courteous and helpful. The pizza probably came out in 20 to 30 minutes. Asmara has both indoor and outdoor seating and we were offered to sit on a table outside as we waited for our pizza.

Rita Muigai

Great place, awesome food and the ambience is amazing. Great service too :)

Elle Jei

I visited Asmara with my friend on Sunday, 7th Feb 2016 for the NRW. I must say we were not disappointed. Despite having made an earlier booking that wasn't written down, we were welcomed. The waiters apologized aloot which made me feel that they actually cared that our reservation wasn't taken down. The ambience was very cool and we were pleased. The starter was spicy chicken salad. I must say the portions were very generous and this actually affected our main course as we were unable to finish our main course. Both dishes (mine, the lamb chops with injera and my friend's the mutton i think were good). However, my friend's meal didn't really have much flavour as our starter chicken. However, this we were not too keen on. Both our desserts were amazing (mine,tiramisu and hers chocolate brownie with a scoop of icecream). The hot slice of brownie on her plate made this meal amazingly tasty. We were offered a complimentary expresso since the Eriterian coffee wasn't available. Our waiter, Josphat humoured us in the end and we appreciated his service. We also liked that our portions were packed in plastic containers that am sure are recyclable and reuseable. Overall, the experience was worth it. Would not mind visiting the restaurant again. :-)

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