Artcaffe Oval

The Oval, Ring Road, Westlands, Nairobi

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1+1 on cocktails at Artcaffe

When: Everyday from 4pm to 7pm
What: Everyday from 4pm to 7pm, take advantage of Artcaffe's Happy Hour offer and enjoy amazing cocktails at half price. Available at all branches

Ladies Night at Artcaffe The Oval

When: Every Wednesday 7:00 PM till Midnight.
What: Enjoy Bottomless Sangria at Kes 1,500 during our Ladies Night Every Wednesday.

Restaurant Information

Nestled at the centre of Westlands shopping district, Artcaffe Oval showcases distinctly chic style and integrates a lot of creative décor elements including a distinct colour scheme, an eye catching mural, the largest Artcaffe balcony space with a seating capacity of 150, a lounge area and a full service outdoor specialty cocktail bar boasting over 30 exciting cocktails.

The outdoor space includes ample seating with a pagoda-style canopy giving full views of the large trees surrounding The Oval, and a bird’s eye-view of the bustling Westlands area. Take advantage of the pleasant Nairobi weather and dine outside with friends and family or enjoy a sundowner after a long day.

Artcaffe Oval also houses the famous ArtBakery shop, serving freshly baked homemade breads, pastries, cakes and desserts.

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Landmark: The Oval

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Reviews (58) Recent Popular

Bridget Antwoord

food was alright but could be so much better, especially the desserts; nothing to write home about. The service was okay and any problems were quickly resolved. Some of the prices,however, are quite exorbitant.

Merlyne Akwir

Loved the burgers and the portions were also pretty decent. Great service. Definitely loved the ambience.

Susan  Awuor


Allan Lwala

I am sorry to say that the smoothie was watered down, as they put too much ice. All in all, was all worth it.

Jayesh Vasta

Like any other art cafe in terms of food selection. Food is good. Best bread in town. Outdoor seating is nice. Service can vary depending on how busy it is. Friday night they have a live band playing salsa music and that's when it is best. Dance floor is poorly designed, though, it is at the entrance of the only exit to the outdoor seating, meaning everyone is trying to walk through. Parking is confusing since a new road is being built it is considered city parking to park in front, therefore you can have youre car clamped which is not the best experience anyone wants to have. Ill suggest people park at their underground parking. Overall the best place to go to for coffee on a cold evening.

Advait Joshi

Really good food. A bit expensive, but well worth the price. It's also one of the only major food outlets open all night on Saturdays, so it's also got that going for it.

Stella Mwangi

The roast chicken with mashed potatoes is my favourite.I always order it when I there.

Fridays are the best cause of Salsa night and my all time fav cocktail is the classic margarita.I dont order anything else :-)

Vanessa Wanjiku

I was there last Saturday for the Made of Taste Festival courtesy of Singleton and the food was amazing, I had the Kebab Lamb and some mashed potatoes on the side (The best Mashed Potatoes I've ever had!) The meal went very well with my singleton cocktails preferably the Mint tulip cocktail!!! Great food! Amazing cocktails and Perfect Ambiance! :)

Chandni Khan

I am a sucker for the bread and brownies from Art Cafe. I love the ambiance at the Oval (who doesn't) but I must admit, the services are absolutely disappointing at their Oval branch. We waited over an hour before we finally received our drinks, who is going to order a meal after that? Not me. I drank and left grumpy. I understand the crowd can be big, but one of the most important things in a restaurant (other than the food) is the customer service. But still love the bread and brownies and their Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne (which I haven't had at the oval of course).

Rita Muigai

I just love the ambience. Smooth jazz , good food and awesome service . I love their cocktail hour since you get delicious cocktails for half the price, and don't get me started on their chicken wings (slurp), they are finger- licking good.