Artcaffe Oval

The Oval, Ring Road, Westlands, Nairobi

Restaurant Information

Nestled at the centre of Westlands shopping district, Artcaffe Oval showcases distinctly chic style and integrates a lot of creative décor elements including a distinct colour scheme, an eye catching mural, the largest Artcaffe balcony space with a seating capacity of 150, a lounge area and a full service outdoor specialty cocktail bar boasting over 30 exciting cocktails.

The outdoor space includes ample seating with a pagoda-style canopy giving full views of the large trees surrounding The Oval, and a bird’s eye-view of the bustling Westlands area. Take advantage of the pleasant Nairobi weather and dine outside with friends and family or enjoy a sundowner after a long day.

Artcaffe Oval also houses the famous ArtBakery shop, serving freshly baked homemade breads, pastries, cakes and desserts.

  • CreditCards
  • HappyHour
  • FullBar
  • Band
  • PaidParkingLot
  • SmokingArea
  • FreeWifi
  • Delivery
  • Takeaway
  • Halaal
  • AirConditioned
  • Dinein
  • FamilyFriendly

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Reviews (66) Recent Popular

Paulette Ongechi

Great ambience and a wide selection of food and drinks from the menu...also...great customer service

Angela Moraa

Pretty slow service yet so many attendants and waitresses. Great ambience though; esp the music. Good food and smoothies too.

Eileen Ekessa

I orderd pizza and i got it delivered to my house. What i received shocked me!!!! First thing first the pizza was so cold!! It looked stale!!! Then the topppings !!! Let me not get started.. The pizza dough was so hard and ruberry!! I had ordered spicy chicken Tikka and Hawaiian.. The chicken pieces were countable and the chilly was just cut and placed on the pizza wtf!! The Hawaiian on the other hand didn't have bacon just dough and bitter pinneaples...Never Again!! Artcafe you have dissapointed !!!

Rachael Mutisya

Fast service and managed to get the offer of two pizza for one. The pizza was however average.. I would come back again

Shady C-mam

Food was awesome! Definately I will going back for more..

ashwin lee

We didn't qualify for the offer. The waitress didn't mention the offer and placed an order for a single pizza. Once we looked at the app to verify if the Artcafe Oval was indeed part of the fest it was apparently too late. However if we are to show the app only when the bill comes, shouldnt the restaurants push the offer to the customers? Quite disappointed!

azmina parpia

Amazing food and good service! I am a sucker for the bread. Good job.

azmina parpia

Amazing food and good service! I am a sucker for the bread. Good job.

vishal hirani

None of the above none of the above none of the above

Bridget Antwoord

food was alright but could be so much better, especially the desserts; nothing to write home about. The service was okay and any problems were quickly resolved. Some of the prices,however, are quite exorbitant.